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Custom Chenille Embroidered Patches

Chenille embroidery is a very interesting embroidery medium, because it really creates an entirely different look and feel than a normal embroidered patch.  Everyone in the United States if familiar with Chenille embroidery, because it is chenille patches that are sewn onto high school letterman jackets.  Because of this chenille patches have a sort of automatic nostalgic / retro image in the mind of most Americans, and even those that are familiar with American culture.

Because of this unique place that chenille plays in American culture, a cap, t-shirt, bag or any other garment or accessory that has a chenille patch will automatically get a second look.  Chenille embroidery dates back to the 1860’s and the process has changed very little since the inception of embroidery.  However, because it requires a completely different machine, and the process is different than normal embroidery, the cost of a chenille patch is more expensive than a normal custom embroidered patch. Nevertheless it is worth it to a lot of our customer’s especially if they are producing a fashion item, a high school related patch, or if they simply just want to create a patch that stands out.  Here are some examples of chenille patches that we have produced in the past.   Here are two chenille patch sets that we recently produced for customers.  The first is a chenille patch that features a design around the American flag.  The red, blue and white incorporate chenille embroidery, and the black and white fine stitching are done with actual embroidery on one of our Tajima embroidery machines. The next custom chenille patch is a bit risque and features all black chenille embroidery, with white normal embroidery stitching and is also laser cut. As you can see it certainly is a completely different look and feel than a normal embroidered patch.




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