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Custom Distressed Baseball Caps


Distressed baseball caps are one of the hottest hat trends today. Don’t miss out on the style (and the sale potential) of distressed caps! Make your own today.

custom distressed hats

Custom distressed baseball caps are all the rage right now. But the good news is that they aren’t reserved for high-end fashion brands and their clientele. You can make your own custom hats with an iconic distressed or washed-out look, and you can begin the process RIGHT NOW! So let’s dive in…

What is the Distressed Look? 

The “distressed” look is a vintage, worn-in appearance. Distressed merchandise is brand-new merchandise that is made to look like it’s been used, worn, or slightly torn up. One of the most common types of merch to use with a distressed look is denim (such as denim jackets and jeans), but distressed merch can be anything fabric, from a hat to a pair of pants, a t-shirt, sweater, jacket, backpack, or even a purse. It might have holes, tears, and serious fraying. Sometimes “distressed” merch is practically falling apart! But it may also just have a slightly faded color.

In any case, this appearance is added during the manufacturing process, depending on the type of merchandise. The important thing is… the distressed look is back and better than ever!

And Distressed Baseball Caps are Back, Too!

It’s 2022, and the distressed look is making a comeback. The “distressed” fashion trend was quite popular in the grunge era of the 1990s, but like many other 90s fashion trends and musical artists, distressed clothes are coming back in a BIG way. 

Since the distressed look is trending, why not use the effect on a custom baseball hat? 

Baseball hats are among the most marketable (and “mark-up-able”) custom merch items, and we make HUNDREDS of them here at The/Studio. They’re easy to customize, affordable to produce, store, and ship, and offer a whole SLEW of customization options.

When we make a customized distressed baseball cap at The/Studio, we call it the “washing effect.” This makes the hat appear worn and broken in, like a vintage, old-school ball cap. Washed or distressed ball caps are perfect for large and small fashion and apparel brands, but can also work for company or event merch. They’re even a solid choice if you love a vintage look but want a custom-made hat that you can’t find from a mainstream retailer. You’ll be able to incorporate whatever personal designs and stylistic choices you want! 

Honestly… we might as well just quit listing. Custom distressed baseball caps are perfect for anyone! 

Ready to Order Your Custom-Wash Effect Baseball Hat? 

Whether you call those ball caps  “vintage” or “distressed” or “washed,” it doesn’t matter. We make ‘em, and we’re ready to help you make yours! 

Contact one of our Creative Specialists or use our Create Tool below to start creating your custom wash-effect baseball hats. If you decide to use the Create Tool and design these custom-made distressed baseball caps all on your own, you will find the “washed effect” option under the “Exterior” section. Happy hat-making!

Design Custom Distressed Baseball Caps Now




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