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Custom Embroidered Chenille Pony Patch

This is a custom embroidered patch that we recently produced for the iconic fashion and footwear brand Pony.  Pony was established in Brooklyn in 1972 and has been worn by championship athletes in every major sport, including the World Cup, NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series and the NBA championship.

Pony came to us because they wanted to make a custom patch with a retro feel, that was a nod to the fact that they were started in Brooklyn in 1972.  Their designer worked with our designer to choose colors that represented the 1970’s.  This included a retro blue, orange, red and cream colored white, instead of pure white.

Furthermore, Pony wanted to add a twist to the patch that would give it a more high end look, but also stay true to its retro heritage.  We recommended a mixed Chenille and Embroidery patch.  It was the perfect way to create a truly unique and nostalgic patch, that could be sewn onto apparel.

We are very proud of this piece that we produced for Pony.




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