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Custom Embroidered Patch with Rhinestones & Laser Cut

One thing that we truly pride ourselves on at The/Studiio is making real custom patches.  Custom to us doesn’t mean creating a few different options and expecting customer’s to conform their imagination to a few options, and then calling that custom.  Custom patches to us means allowing our customer’s to create anything that they want.  It means offering the wides array of special options available in the industry.  Check out our custom options page to see the wide range of special options that we offer.

We offer the basic custom options that all of our competitors offer such as iron-on backing, adhesive, Velcro, Hook & Loop, Metallic Threads, Merrowed Borders, and Button Loops, but we also offer much more custom options for our patches such as Frayed Edges, Pin Patches, Wearable Magnet Patches, Crystals, Vintage Worn Style, Chenille Patches, Patches made from organic threads and material, reflective material, magnetic backings and more.  Furthermore, we offer the most comprehensive group of custom embroidery threads, and custom patch material. One of the special options that we offer is rhinestones, that we can apply to the patches.  We offer literally thousands of different combinations of rhinestones.  We offer rhinestones on patches for basically any budget.  Obviously the most expensive and creme of the crop rhinestones are Swarvoski crystals.  Swarvoski crystals are usually out of the budget of most of our customer’s because they are really expensive, but some leading brands, and even some motorcycle groups that we have worked with, have chosen Swarvoski crystals to be applied onto their custom patches.  We also offer other crystals from Austria, Czech Republic, Korea, and China.  We basically offer a rhinestone to meet any budget. For this particular custom we applied Korean rhinestones onto their patch.  It is hard to show the magnificence of the rhinestone with a picture, but the rhinestone truly creates a patch that is different than an ordinary patch.  Our rhinestones are heat sealed onto the patches and will not come off.  Even if you wash the patch, the rhinestones will stay on the patch for years. Rhinestone custom patches are great if you are giving your patches out as promotional products, or you want to do something to give your patch a bit of a flair.  We offer rhinestones in numerous colors and sizes.  Talk to your creative specialist about how rhinestones can help enhance your patch.




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