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Custom Embroidered Patch For US Chaplains in Law Enforcement

November 14, 2015

This is an embroidered patch that we produced for the American Police Chaplains Association.  According to the website the American Police Chaplains Association represents the following values and has the following history:

The American Police Chaplain’s Association is a distinctly Christian nonprofit organization, organized under the Laws of the State of Michigan. We are also a federal 501 ( C ) 3 nonprofit. It is unashamedly Judeo-Christian in nature, having its base in orthodox Christianity. It was started in 2007 by Chaplain James M. Salo, a police officer for 5 years then police chaplain for 34 years since. God gave him this vision to expand chaplaincy ministries to all law enforcement officers across America, beginning with the FREE distribution of “The Peacemakers” New Testament, a police officers best partner – designed with helps throughout written by and for cops.It is the goal of the Executive Director and Board of Director’s, that cops all over  America will find God’s leadership and wisdom is always best when carrying out the functions of a law enforcement career. From a brief look around the organizations website it seems like they do a lot of good.  They teach police officers how to be good parents while still doing their jobs.  It discusses the importance of prayer and has resources to prevent police suicide. Given the fact that our police officers are under so much constant stress, it seems like a great organization to support police officers. We never knew that such an organization exist.  However, given the US’s record of being a society with a very strong civil society, it is not surprising.

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