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Custom Football Patch Story

Custom Football Patch

I think football fans are very funny, I am always amused when I observe a football fan in their natural habitat ( a bar). They refer to their favorite team as “we”, “we need to win this game to get to the Superbowl”, as if they are actually on the team. They get very superstitious “If I don’t wear my lucky jersey, we are going to loose” like you really wearing your lucky jersey is really going to make your team play better. I had customer that displayed all of these football fan symptoms.

David called Hero Patches after submitting a patch quote inquiry; I was assigned to be his  patch hero (creative specialist.) David seemed to be in a panic, he asked several general questions about custom football patches and then he explained to me why he was in such a panic. David told me that he has this ritual every time “we” as in the Dolphins play a game, he said he wears his Reggie Bush Dolphin Jersey, a dolphins hat and the most important thing he does is hold on to a Dolphins custom football patch.

When David was watching the Dolphins play at a crowed bar he realized in the middle of the game he had lost his custom football patch. He retraced his steps through the crowded bar and could not find the custom football patch anywhere. He then told me that because he lost the patch, we (the dolphins) lost the game. I really wanted to tell him “No your dolphins lost the game because they never win anything” but I didn’t want to kick a man while he was already down. So instead I was very sympathetic to his loss.

David told me that he wanted to order 10 custom football patches with the dolphin’s logo to ensure this never happened again (but I was sure the Dolphins would certainly loose again.) David told me that he needed the custom football patch before the next game, which was that Sunday. I told him we would need to use rush shipping and skip the sewn-out sample, he agreed.

David’s 10 custom logo patches were delivered on time as promised. Unfortunately the Dolphins are still loosing, but maybe the 10  patches that David will be holding will help them out next season.

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