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Custom Football Patches

Custom Football Patches

I was contacted by the athletic director for harry Truman high school, he wanted to order some custom football patchesfor his football team but he had no clue what image he wanted on his custom football patches. He said he had some ideas but he explained to me that he was no artist and he really needed help coming up with an image. He asked if I could use my artist ability and create something for him.

I really wanted to create something that he would be proud of but I had no clue where  to start  so  gave my brother a call ,he played high school football and to this day he proudly has hiscustom football patches and letters he earned on display. He explained to me the sense of pride he had when looking at his custom football patches and the sense of accomplishment he had. After I spoke to my brother I was inspired, I knew exactly what image I would use on his custom football  patches. I knew the athletic director and his team would be so proud.

After they received their custom football patches, I received such a lovely phone call from the Athletic Director, he said that the custom high school patches we created for him really touched his heart, he said they couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you to this wonderful Athletic Director for allowing me to be his embroidered patch hero!

custom football patches




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