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Custom Fourth of July Product Ideas

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for celebrating freedom, gathering with family, enjoying delicious food, and appreciating what it means to be an American. 

It also means your customers might already be making their celebration plans – including picking out their Fourth of July outfits and decor! Market research shows that around 29% of Americans plan to purchase patriotic merchandise for the Fourth of July, and 42% of U.S. adults describe themselves as extremely proud to be Americans. Now’s your chance to make their celebration decisions easier by creating custom Fourth of July products to sell – merch that’s personalized, patriotic, and perfect for summer! 

(And of course, Independence Day isn’t the only time you’ll be able to sell your red, white, and blue custom products – holidays like Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and more call for it, too!)

When you partner with The/Studio to create custom products for special occasions, the possibilities are endless, with multiple colors, materials, and product types to choose from.

Independence-day-themed products are perfect to sell in your online store, hand out to your extended family at your next party, or sell at a local Fourth of July parade or event. They’re a huge crowd-pleaser and surprisingly easy to create.

If you’re considering creating custom products for Independence Day, here are a few ideas to start getting those creative juices flowing!


Custom Fourth of July Socks

Celebrate the Fourth of July with fun holiday-themed socks! Consider creating socks with a fun firework pattern, red, white, and blue socks, or socks with a stars and stripes pattern as a nod to the holiday. Choose between no-show socks, quarter cuff socks, crew socks, or knee-high socks, with tons of color and material options. (Custom socks are a great idea for other holidays, too – read up on other occasions for custom socks here!)

Learn more about custom socks


Custom Fourth of July Hats

Help your customers beat the heat and rep their love for their country at the same time! Create custom brimmed hats such as snapback hats, dad hats, trucker hats, five-panel hats, or fitted hats. (Learn more about the different types of hats you can create with The/Studio here!)

You could create custom Fourth of July hats with the flag embroidered on the front, reading USA above the bill, or in a fun red, white, and blue pattern. For hot July weather, we’d recommend going with a breathable fabric like poly mesh or cotton/poly twill.

Learn more about custom hats


Custom Fourth of July Patches

usa patch - 4th of july

Help your customers elevate their Fourth of July outfits with custom patches they can affix to anything they choose! They’re perfect for repping during the holiday and long afterward. The/Studio offers embroidered patches, woven patches, PVC patches, leather patches, printed patches, chenille patches, and bullion patches, all of which can be beautifully customized with a fun patriotic design. If you’re going for a classic, colorful look, consider going with a custom embroidered patch or a custom woven patch

Learn more about custom patches


Custom Fourth of July Pins

What’s more patriotic than a denim jacket covered in red, white, and blue pins? Create American flag, USA, star, and/or firework pins to help your customers celebrate the Fourth in style. Better yet, create a pack of Fourth of July pins that are perfect for decking out a favorite jacket, hat, or purse! The/Studio allows you to create hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins, die-struck pins, 3D mold pins, and offset printed pins from the comfort of your home. Read all about the different types of pins The/Studio offers here.

Learn more about custom pins

Custom Fourth of July Stickers

Your customers have got to stay hydrated during their Fourth of July celebrations! Create custom Fourth of July stickers to decorate their trusty water bottles in style. You could create flag stickers, Happy Fourth of July stickers, USA stickers, star stickers, or even cheeky Uncle Sam stickers. Custom stickers are also great for decorating laptops, notebooks, phone cases, and more. Choose from vinyl stickers, clear stickers, or holographic stickers in a wide variety of colors.

Learn more about custom stickers


Custom Fourth of July Lanyards

Help your customers keep track of their keys and show off their patriotic spirit with high-quality custom Fourth of July lanyards. Whether you opt to print a stars and stripes pattern, a patriotic phrase such as “Proud to Be an American,” a firework pattern, or something else entirely on your lanyard, it’s sure to grab people’s attention!

Learn more about custom lanyards


Custom Fourth of July Masks

usa mask

Large gatherings can still be rather anxiety-inducing for many people. Create custom Fourth of July face masks to allow your customers to celebrate their way while still protecting those around them. These washable, super-breathable masks feature endless possibilities for customization, with multiple base and print colors available.

Learn more about custom masks


How to Create Custom Fourth of July Products

Interested in creating one or multiple of these different types of custom Fourth of July products? Use The/Studio’s DIY product creation tool to streamline the entire process. Simply choose the type of product you’d like to create, customize the specs, upload your product design, approve a mockup, receive your order, and you’re good to go! With no minimum order quantities, industry-leading customer service, and free shipping, it’s a straightforward and economical way to celebrate the upcoming summer holiday.

Start bringing your product ideas to life here!




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