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Custom Hang Tags from The/Studio by Susan

April 12, 2015

Custom Hang Tags from The/Studio by Susan

Learning About Hang Tags

Gradually, I realized that the hang tag products are really complicated. At the beginning, I contacted factories to ask about product information and special options. I also searched for different factories and visited websites such as to learn more about hang tags. Luckily, I  learned a lot about Hang Tags and know I am really knowledgeable! Hang Tags aren’t the complicated products I once thought they were.

I now know everything there is to know about the hang tags materials and special options, and I also got some hang tags samples from different factories. I was surprised that when one factory sent me many samples! They were all amazing!

Gathering Information

So the first step of product development went smoothly, the following steps are a little difficult. I need to get quote from different factories. However, the hang tags have different kinds of material. At first, I didn’t know how to make the quotation sheet because I was gathering so much information.  With the guidance of Alex and Christian, I learned how to make them. I need to make different tables.  I selected factories that we might want to work with and communicated with them, then sent the excel sheet to them to ask them to fill in the pricing. The process to get quotation from factories is a little tough, I was rejected by a lot of factories so far.

I have contacted many Hang Tag Factories. The products I have researched before didn’t require me to contact so many factories as I have with Hang Tags. I also realize that I need to communicate with more factories  and follow up with them, so I can get accurate pricing. I appreciate because there are thousands of factories and products on their website.  It is very helpful! It has not been an easy task but now I am almost finished! Now I can take a breath and relax!

Self adjustment

Sometimes I don’t get the Hang Tag price quotes so easy. I feel frustrated and defeated. I don’t like feeling like that. If things go smoothly , I will feel more confident. Sometimes I tell myself that it’s normal to have challenges.  I just  have to overcome them. Challenges makes your stronger!


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