Custom High School Patches

October 10, 2015

High School is a very important time in ones life , you build friendships and hopefully good study habits. Your high school years will flee just as fast as they arrive , so appreciate this time and don’t grow up too fast. A custom patch is a great way to cherish your high school experience. You can adhere your custom patch to your letterman jacket or even put it into a scrapbook. I am going to share with you some custom embroidered patches that we have created for high school students , I hope these custom emblems inspire you to start saving your memories on a custom insignia!

The first embroidered emblem you see below was created for an entire high school. They originally wanted to use 100% embroidery coverage on the custom insignia but they were on a strict budget , we had the perfect solution for them. We found a mint / neon green twill so that we could embroidered the patch onto the twill. This solution allowed us to charge the customer only for 50% embroidery.

The second custom patch you see below was created for a high school football team. This patch is custom made into the shape of a football and features the acronym of the school “SC”. These custom patches were made to unify their team and to promote their school spirit.These patches were going to be sewn onto their football uniforms.

The third patch you see below was also created for a high school. This custom emblem is amazing! We created this custom patch using an laser cut machine , this gives it a clean and precised look!

Let Patches by The/Studio create everlasting high school memories. Our custom insignias are even cool enough to wear to college. Let’s get your memories started today!