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Not all custom keychains are created equal

Lost looking for custom keychains online

Let’s face it. There are thousands of suppliers of custom keychains, and the selection can be quite overwhelming. From brass to gold, from plastic to rubber, from hard to soft – it’s not easy to navigate the complicated world of personalized keychains. And it’s even more daunting to find the right supplier to meet your needs. When you do search for “custom keychains” or “how to make your own keychain”, the first business is not always the best business. Relax! In this post, I’ll let you know about our custom keychains at The/Studio, as well as some other options online. You can make the decision whether or not we’re right for you!

 Same old boring keychain? The/Studio can help!



Good choices if you’re into mediocrity

There are really just too many kinds of custom keychains to choose from. Popular suppliers like Zazzle offer keychain templates, so that all you need to do is upload a photo or design to their website, and all they need to do is press a button. Whatever image you choose is printed onto the pre-made keychain. Discount Mugs also has a wide selection of pre-made keychains to choose from. In addition to printing, they often let you choose your color, and they also have other special options, like engraving into metal keychains. If for your keychain, you only have printing or engraving in mind most online businesses have you covered, and it’s just as simple as uploading your logo or design. But that’s just a little, well, boring. To take your keychain to the next level, The/Studio is your best source for true customization.

 Our keychains are made with durable PVC material



When run-of-the-mill just isn’t good enough

The level of customization available at businesses like Zazzle and Discount Mugs is limited, to put it lightly. If your logo is a unique shape, then you won’t be able to find

Unlike the other guys, The/Studio offers 100% customized keychains. If you prefer a specific type of chain link or key ring attachment, you have to switch to a completely separate SKU number and ditch you favorite keychain style. If you are looking for a specific size, then the keychain variety dwindles quickly, and you’ll spend hours searching for suitable measurements. This is all because the other guys don’t offer true customization. Their keychains are made in a run-of-the-mill manner, where you waste hours searching for an acceptable keychain style. Even for years before you order, the keychain that they call “custom” is actually stored in a warehouse among hundreds of thousands of exact replicas, kind of like a mundane blueprint.

 Choose any colors your want



Customized keychains from start to finish

Sure, uploading an image and saying “OK” is easy enough, but you don’t have to settle for dull conventional keychains. At The/Studio, we make the process of purchasing your custom keychains just as easy as those sellers of print-only keychains, but we win hands-down when it comes to our high standards for true customization. Your keychains begin by meeting your every expectation because your key chains come factory fresh, something that the other guys can’t deliver. Our expert creative specialists will help you make the perfect design, and only then will we start manufacturing. Just like our customers, every keychain order is one-of-a-kind. People don’t come with a UPC code, so we believe your custom keychains shouldn’t either.




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