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Custom Knit Beanies for the Holiday Season


As colder months approach, everyone is looking for beanies. Design custom knit beanies for the holiday season today! 

Knit beanies are the perfect way to capitalize on the holiday shopping spree. Not only do they provide plenty of options for customization and design choices, but they’re functional, too. They keep your head warm during cold winter months! 

The point is, everyone is shopping for beanies during the holidays. The/Studio will help you design your own!

custom knit beanies for Christmas

The Knit Beanie Industry

The knit beanie industry is worth a whopping $3 billion. Since beanies are so cheap to make, they also feature a high profit margin. When you pair that with the fact that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and it comes right before cold, winter weather (in other words, the ideal weather for beanies). Well… You have the perfect recipe for a best-selling merch item!

Why Make Custom Knit Beanies for the Holiday Season? 

Custom knit beanies make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your list. They’re great for retail stores to sell, and they make excellent gifts to clients, employees, family, and friends. Besides, the best custom-made knit beanies look and feel expensive, and will keep you warm during frosty winter temperatures. They also go great when paired with almost any outfit! Whether young or old, male or female… Everyone wears beanies! 

Why Create Beanies With The/Studio? 

When you create custom knit beanies with The/Studio, you can take advantage of low order quantities, rapid shipping, top-of-the-market quality, and even retail-ready branding and packaging options. But that’s not all. 

We also feature an in-house design team of “Creative Specialists” who can help craft designs for you based entirely on your vision. That means you don’t have to come up with a design yourself, you can simply explain your ideas to our designers, and they’ll whip up a design for you 100% FREE! When you pair that with our regular promotions and sales, you have a recipe that simply can’t be beaten by any other manufacturer of custom knit beanies on the market.

The Essential Knit Beanie 

The choice is yours when it comes to designing your beanie. We offer dozens upon dozens of customization options. However, we’ve made thousands of beanies over the years, and if you want to truly make the quintessential knit beanie, be sure to include these design choices:

  • Pom (the best knit beanies will have a pom on top of them) 
  • 20% wool/80% cotton material blend (this offers maximum warmth) 
  • Knit design on the front and back of the beanie for a traditional, timeless look
  • Fleece inner lining (more warmth!)
  • Woven label on side of beanie (because you’ll have the knit design on the front and back) 
  • Hang tag (while not important for gifted beanies, this is crucial for those selling their beanies in retail, whether e-commerce or brick-and-mortar) 

Design Inspo for the Holiday Season 

Want a custom knit hat for the holiday season, but don’t know what design to put on it? Here are some suggestions: 

  • Christmas presents 
  • Christmas teddy bear 
  • Gingerbread people
  • Plaid
  • North Pole train 
  • Christmas trees 
  • Nutcrackers 
  • Scenes or characters from your favorite Christmas movie or book 
  • Santa Claus 
  • Reindeer 
  • Elfs 
  • Candy canes 
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters

Remember, if you have a unique design in mind but haven’t sketched it out, one of our talented designers can create your very own design for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

How to Start Your Custom Knit Order 

If you have a sketch of your design and would like to place your order without the help of one of our Creative Specialists, you can go to to place your order (or click the link below). If you need assistance with your design or the ordering process, you can contact one of our Creative Specialists during the Create phase, and they can assist you with the entire process, from the concept to the design to the final product!

Start Designing Custom Knit Beanies Today




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