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Custom Logo Patches For Your Business

Custom Logo Patches for Your Business 

Saturday, March 29th was National Mom and Pop Business Day. On this day we celebrate and support small businesses.  Mom and Pop businesses are the foundation of a strong economy. The/Studio understands the difficulties that small businesses face today , because we are in fact a small family owned business. The/Studio was created by my brother , Joseph Heller and our mother and myself work for the company.

Working with your family is truly a blessing. I have worked for large corporations in the past and nothing compares to working with your own flesh and blood. That strong sense of family can be felt within our office. In honor of small businesses everywhere, I would like to share with you some of our favorite custom logo patches we have created for small businesses. I would also like to explain how having custom logo patches can benefit your small business.

Custom logo patches are like the new business card. They are a fun and innovative way to impress potential clients and make you and your business more memorable. Custom logo patches can act as a walking billboard, you can adhered your custom logo patches to a hat, shirt or even a bag. Custom logo patches are great conversation starters. They are a great and affordable way to make an everlasting impression.

There are a few things you should know when creating and ordering  your custom logo patches.

The text on custom logo patches needs to be clear and visible and the image has to be bold and visually appealing to the eye. Even if a company orders 5,000 custom logo patches, we go through each patch to make sure they all look the same and that the embroidery machine embroidered every inch of the custom insignia. We take pride in our work and want to ensure that our customers are getting quality custom logo patches.

We know how important a company’s reputation is, so we make sure our custom logo patches meet our customer’s expectations. We have the highest quality embroidery machines,various twill and thread options, knowledgeable creative specialist and talented artist.

We have  assisted many start-up companies with their custom logo patches; many of whom ask our artist for their artistic input. For instance if you don’t have a image you can send us, we can create a mock-up sample with your ideas and input. We are so grateful to our amazing team of artist because they are very creative and talented.

Below are some of my favorite custom logo patches we have created for small businesses and a copy of our email newsletter from last week.

We want to support and celebrate small business all year round not just one day out of the year. It’s important that small business are not forgotten but instead appreciated and supported by their communities. Let Patches by The/Studio do our part in helping small businesses everywhere by creating the best custom logo patches you have ever seen. Let one small business help another!

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