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Custom Logo Patches for Figment

We were recently contacted by an amazing organization called Figment. They are a non-profit organization that is ran solely by volunteers. Figment started in 2007, their mission was to bring  their community together and to make art accessible to everyone. We were so honored when we were asked to create custom logo patches for Figment. We would like to tell you more about this wonderful organization and share the custom logo patch with you. We hope after reading this blog you will be inspired by Figment and the arts.


What Has Figment Created?

Artists that have participated in the past have built an interactive sculpture garden, mini golf course and of course a tree house.  The treehouse is a playground but also acts as a performance space and an art gallery. This isn’t your typical treehouse, this is a multifunctional treehouse. This year the artist are rebuilding the tree house.  Below is a picture of the tree house from last year.

figment tree house custom logo patches


I briefly mentioned above that Figment built a mini golf course. The course is so unique, it’s like nothing any of us have seen before. Below is a picture of the mini golf course.

figment mini golf course custom logo patches


Custom Logo Patches for Figment

These custom logo patcheswere created for the artists who are rebuilding the tree house this year. They wanted to order 200 custom patches that they could sell at their fundraiser event. They will use the money to create a new tree house. We wanted to make sure these custom logo patches were perfect because we knew real artist would be viewing these patches. The artist of Figment actually created the design. These patches were created using 75% embroidery coverage.

custom logo patches figment


Attending The Figment Festival

Figment works year round to provide art to their community but on June 7th and June 8th they will be holding their annual festival. If you live in the New York area or will be vising the New York area, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. Below are some things you need to know before attending the festival.
This information is courtesy of

Where: Governors Island, NYC… a short ferry-ride from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn!


How Much: FREE! FIGMENT is a free, non-profit event, and we do not accept corporate sponsorships.


What to Bring: Whatever you need for a day of fun. For specific ideas or if you have specific questions, view our list!  The event is rain-or-shine. If the forecast calls for rain, be prepared to hide — or dance — under porches, arches, and umbrellas while the clouds pass.


What to Expect: Art and activities in every medium available… especially the art and activities that YOU bring! We’ll be posting a schedule of registered art and activities in the week leading up to the opening event.

Thank you Figment for allowing us to create these custom logo patches!




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