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Custom Logo Patches for Labor Day

There is much to be said about Labor Day. Labor Day is a United States federal holiday , that celebrates the hard work of the people in this country. Most of us work Monday thru Friday , 8 hours days , 40 hour weeks , some of us even work longer! This holiday not only honors our hard labor but also is considered “the unofficial end of the summer holiday” . This is your last chance to enjoy this carefree time. This is also your last chance to wear white , because as the saying goes “never wear white after Labor Day”. You might not be able to wear white all year round but you can wear custom patches anytime!

In honor of Labor Day , I am going to be sharing with you my favorite custom logo patches we have created for companies. You will find that Patches by The/Studio is very familiar with creating custom logo patches for business and companies. Whether your a small business or a big business we will create a custom patch that represent your company. The first custom insignia you see below was created for Petco. We used 75% embroidery coverage on this custom patch. The second patch you see below was created for the brand Timberland. We used 75% embroidery coverage on this emblem. The third custom patch you see below was created for Farm American. We used 100% embroidery coverage on this insignia. The detail on this patch is amazing! The fourth embroidered patch you see below was created for Coleman Burnett Incorporated. We used 75% embroidery coverage on this patch and we used neon green threading to make the emblem stand out! On this labor day treat yourself to a custom patch , you deserve it!








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