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Custom Made Baseball Hats for Sports Fans

Create custom baseball hats with The/Studio. The ultimate gift for any sports enthusiast!

Nothing suits a die-hard baseball nut like a custom baseball hat. But baseball fans aren’t the only ones who wear baseball caps. Whether the sport is hockey or football or basketball, baseball caps are the ultimate athletic headwear for fans who want to show support for their favorite team.

la dodger baseball hat with baseball equipment

While buying pre-made ball caps is fine, nothing beats designing your own custom made baseball hats. Let’s learn more!

What is a Baseball Hat?

Of course, not every hat is a baseball hat. A baseball hat should be structured, with a slightly curved bill and fabric-covered button on top. Unlike trucker hats, which feature both mesh and foam paneling, baseball caps are made from just one material throughout the hat, with small fabric eyelets on top of the hat for breathability. Baseball caps typically have a snap, Velcro, or strap closure in the back, but can also be fitted. All told, baseball caps have a low profile and a timeless, classic look (which makes sense, because they’re really old! See below).

The Origin of Baseball Hats

Baseball hats are older than you think! These caps actually date back to the 19th century. The Brooklyn Excelsiors, an amateur baseball team based out of New York, wore the first version of the baseball hat during games in the 1860s. 

However, the modern baseball cap was born in the 1940s, and has since become a ubiquitous symbol of America’s most beloved pastime. Baseball hats were originally designed just to keep the sun out of the player’s eyes, but soon teams realized that these hats let players proudly display their team colors and logo. Today, baseball caps have become perhaps the most iconic part of any ballplayers uniform.

There’s Nothing More American Than Baseball Hats and Sports!

You probably know this by now, but baseball hats and sports are as American as it gets. All sports fans love displaying their love for their team on a ball cap, and as we mentioned above, baseball hats don’t stop at baseball. 

These caps are great for repping everything from football to snowboarding to esports!

In the modern world, fans are getting creative with their baseball hats. Many fans create unique variations for their favorite sports teams. These iconic, one-of-a-kind custom-printed baseball hats can’t be found in any store! 

Why Create Your Custom Made Baseball Hat With The/Studio

When you work with The/Studio to create your custom baseball hat, you aren’t just getting to slap a logo on a ball cap. You’re getting top-quality materials, FREE shipping, a FREE creative specialist to guide you through the process, a FREE designer that can whip up designs for you based on your ideas, and project updates from start to finish. 

You’ll be able to approve prototypes of your design before the final version, so you can make sure everything is completely squared away. 

Did we mention that we have NO minimum order quantity? That means you can design a single cap just for yourself, or bulk custom baseball hats for legions of fans in your club or organization. 

That’s not all… We also offer dozens of customization options! Choose from a plethora of color choices, closure options, styles, materials, and more to make your customized baseball hats one-of-a-kind.

Pricing and Design Options

Pricing Overview 

  • 50 hats at $22.00 per hat 
  • 100 hats at $14.56 per hat 
  • 200 hats at $10.36 per hat 
  • 300 hats at $8.17 per hat 
  • 5,000 hats at $6.26 per hat  

Note: These price points include our current 40% OFF promotion, and are a starting point. Prices may differ when promotion ends and will differ based on add-ons and other customization choices.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some recommended design choices if you want your custom hats to give off that classic “baseball hat” look.


5-panel w/ Pinch Tuck 


100% Cotton Twill or Cotton/Poly Twill or Screen-Printed Twill 

Profile Shape 


Bill Shape 


Cap Closure 

Plastic Snapback, Velcro Strap, Metal Tri-Glide, or Custom Metal Buckle 

Profile Height


Exterior Option

Eyelet: Woven 

Top Button: Woven  

Now Start Creating Your Custom Baseball Caps!




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