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Custom Patch Advice From a Real Custom Patch Artist: Irhene

Patch Advice

Yesterday I introduced you to our wonderful artist Kaye. Today, I want to introduce you to another one of our artist. Irhene is an amazing and talented artist. Her work is inspiring and I admired her work ethic. I asked Irhene to share some useful tips about custom patches. She offers some great patch advice , so take notes!

Custom Patch Interview With Our Amazing Artist Irene Jehan: What advice can you offer a first time patch customer?Irhene: -They must see  our website first to know more about the company..the products that are offered, categories and etc.that is suitable for their patches to be done?  -contact or call an account executive for any inquiries?   -Ensure that the sizes and special option are correct on the mock up-Include the quantity on the mock up. Velcro backing is only up to 4.5 add 10% on pricing if the patch velcro size is more than 4.5″ –Metallic thread should be minimized as they break easily , designs that are ore than 6″ and up will be declined by the factory -Fonts type should be bold on smaller texts-embroidered 9 colors maximum the rest will be additional charge? Jehan: What should they know before submitting their design?Irhene: Design / image must be save in any photoshop format; lower version of any illustrator to make it accessible to any higher version of the said software; or save it in EPS format; files must be save in version 9 of corel draw ;? pdf files is acceptable? as well as layout done in microsoft word but be sure to place a clearer image capable for tracing.?   ?  ?  Jehan: What are some tips you can give our customers?Irhene:- send a high resolution image or layout; at least 300 dpi       –  if it is a rough draft; be sure to put the information of the given image or the name of the component?      – maximum of 9 colors in woven label?      – 3MM for text to be embroidered legibly ?Jehan: What do you like about being an artist? Irhene:  -I am a wanderer; and love doing different designs?  – recreate their preferred patches or designs applicable more on if it is a scan file or rough sketches       – transform the rasterize file as vector?      – re layout the design to pass on the production; like for instance i remove some details in the design that are not be legible in an actual patch.? Jehan: What is your favorite patch you have ever designed? Irhene: The mock-ups below are my favorite patches that I have created.       – the sun maid logo is from the original packaging. I had to trace it in the illustrator and remove some details and also maximize the colors.  – The biker patch was my original idea , there was no rough draft.   ?? Jehan:What type of patches do you like to design best?Irhene: – I really like doing patches from the scratch, because from there you are free to find the elements for the design, choose the maximum colors; find the specific or nearest font?      – I recreate different objects that would fit on the target layout Thank you Irhene for being apart of this custom patch interview! We truly appreciate you and your beautiful work!

sun maid

kaibigan -vector-art




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