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Custom Patch Backings

Iron-On, Velcro , Adhesive, oh my! There are so many choices when it comes to choosing the type of backing you would like on your custom patches. We want to make sure that when choosing a backing for your custom embroidered patch that you are well informed about each backing option we offer. Each backing has a different purpose and you will need to determine if you want a permanent backing or a temporary backing.

What Are Some Backings For Patches?
Backings for Patches:

• No Backing (Sew-On)
• Iron-On Backing
• Adhesive Backing
• Magnetic Backing
• Velcro Hook or Loop Backing and Velcro Soft and Hard Pile

To understand more about each backing mentioned above, continue reading about what will work best for you!

No Backing (Sew-on)

The no backing is a standard option for 100% embroidered patches. Patches that have no backing are not as bulky or as hardened as custom patches with a backing. This option would be considered a permanent backing. No backing option is particularly popular with bikers, soccer players and  girl scouts.

Iron- On Backing

Iron- on backing is a very popular backing option amongst our customers. You can adhere  custom insignia to clothing and caps using a house iron. This option is very convenient, because  it is  faster than sewing on a custom emblem. This option would be consider a permanent option. Please note that iron-on backing doesn’t work with nylon, leather or other synthetic fabrics.

Adhesive Backing

Adhesive backing allows our customers to stick their custom embroidered patches onto clothing or other items for temporary use. We have created many custom logo patches with adhesive backings for many companies and they have used them for promotional purposes. This option works best for a single event, think of it as a custom embroidered patch sticker.

Magnetic Backing

Magnetic backings allows your emblem to become a fridge or locker ornament. This option is great for promotional purposes! We use a magnetic strip that is powerful enough to stick on any magnetic surface.

Velcro Hook or Loop Backing and Velcro Soft and Hard Pile

Velcro Hook or Loop are particularly popular among the police department, military, paintball  and airsoft teams. It is a great option if you need to remove and reapply an insignia. The loop backing can be sewn on or ironed onto any uniform or clothing. Velcro backings are a great choice because they are durable and changeable.

Are There Different Backings For Custom Patches?
There are an array of different backings for custom patches. You will be able to choose from several different options. Luckily, all the different backings for custom patches that you can choose from are all great options. Each of them are fitting for different purposes. Hopefully our guide above gave you a better idea of which backing to choose for your custom patches.

Can I Pick Different Backings On Patches?
Of course you can pick different backings on patches! At The/Studio, everything is completely customizable, including the different backings. When you order from our company, choosing your desired backing is part of the process. If you are confused as to what backing will work best for you, we are here to help you every step of the way!




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