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Custom Patch Interview with Audra Adkins

Custom Patch Interview with Audra Adkins

It’s been quite sometime since I have conducted a custom patch interview. I was waiting for a patch that would inspire me. The whole purpose of the Custom Patch Interview Series is to share your stories with our readers because every custom patch has a story to accompany it.

I was extremely excited when one of our most loyal customers posted a picture of their most recent custom patch order onto our Facebook page. This patch was exactly what I had been waiting for, this custom patch is awe inspiring. It is my pleasure to share Audra and Troop 477’s custom patch story with you. Their story is what custom patches are all about. This is why we are in the custom patch business because of wonderful customers like Audra and Troop 477. Enjoy!

Patches by The/Studio: Introduce yourself and your troop?

Audra Adkins: My name is Audra Adkins and I’m the troop leader for Girl Scouts Troop 477. Our troop is just 3 years old, and we have certainly grown in those past three years! Our troop ranges from girls in Kindergarten, up through 5th grade. In addition to myself, we have 3 dedicated volunteers who work with the girls in an age-level specific environment. Many times, we do things on an age level basis, and then we have functions where our entire troop gets together. That’s a lot of girls in one area though… as we fill the brim with nearly 30 girls JUST IN OUR TROOP!

Patches by The/Studio:What is the story behind this custom patch?

Audra Adkins: This custom  patch represents the circles we make as friends and as sisters to one another through Girl Scouting. We hold an annual event called the S3 Dance, to celebrate Sisterhood, Scouting and Sweethearts (because all of our girls are our sweethearts!). Girl Scouts create memories, make friendships that last lifetimes, and introduce experiences that some may never have the chance to do were they not in Girl Scouts. We bring home the idea, cement the feeling, by creating an environment, or in this case, an event… that shows the girls how they are just one intricate part of a larger movement. At this dance, all Girl Scouts are invited, no matter what county they live in, what troop they are in, what school they attend. It’s a chance to make a new friend, keep an old friend, and have fun! The patch itself was designed by our troop of girls, ages 5-13. They each spoke about what is important to them in Girl Scouting, and incorporated it into a design they felt best represented this.

Patches by The/Studio: What a wonderful concept! Where are the girl scouts going to adhere the custom patches to?

Audra Adkins: As everyone knows, Girl Scout patches are the best way to show off that Girl Scout pride! Badges worn on the front of their vests/sashes are earned recognitions. And patches on the back of their vests & sashes are where Girl Scouts can proudly display their involvement and interaction in the many programs, events and activities that are offered through Girl Scouting! My troop has helped in the design of 5 patches on their vests currently… and I know they wear them with pride and love to tell people about how they received each patch!

Patches by The/Studio: What does this custom patch represent to you?

Audra Adkins: To me, this custom patch is a physical representation of the girls’ creativity, togetherness and the fun they have with events such as these. Seeing the finished product is so exciting, especially when we don’t have to hold back their creativity and can encourage them to use colors and we don’t have to restrict them to a circular or square patch!

Patches by The/Studio: Is there a girl scout experience that you are most proud of?

Audra Adkins: As a Girl Scout troop leader, I look back at my own childhood and think of all the fun I had as a Girl Scout myself. Even though I can remember so many fun activities and events, I have to tell you that I am most proud of being a volunteer and giving back the same memories. If I were to think of a particular experience though, it would have to be our most recent successful event, Cookie College 2014! We have a Girl’s Council that consists of about 6-10 girls at any given time. They planned, created, designed, and implemented a Financial Literacy program for over 100 girls. In the planning & creating stage, they also designed the patch that represented not just the event, but helped to demonstrate the importance of branding and logos in a marketing campaign! It was an awesome experience!

Patches by The/Studio: What do you like most about being a part of the Girl Scout Organization?

Audra Adkins: Hands down, I would have to say it’d be introducing girls to things they might not necessarily have the chance to do. Not every girl has a parent/guardian that is great with crafts, or a natural born camper, or knows archery, or can build things with LEGOs. Being a part of the movement that is Girl Scouts exposes our future leaders to a variety of professionals who volunteer their own time and energy and experiences. This enables us to influence and encourage girls to step outside the box and try ANYTHING! It’s great to know I’m a part of that!

Patches by The/Studio:What does your troop want to accomplish in 2014?

Audra Adkins: Two of the things we learn about in Financial Literacy is budgeting and philanthropy. The girls are already a part of the world’s largest GIRL LED business in the world. With their cookie money profits, they are able to fund their year’s worth of activities. But we also strive to teach them about GIVING BACK. Recently, they learned about the Rule of Thirds: Spend, Save & Give! One goal they have is to go somewhere FUN as a troop [spend] another is to re-register for Girl Scouting Membership next year [save] and lastly, they hope to be able to provide clean water kits for families in shelters [give]. Sometimes the goals seem hard to reach, but somehow or another, our Girl Scouts seem to be able to reach them!

Patches by The/Studio: Wow, that is great that the girls are being taught such valuable skills at a young age. These skills will be very useful for the future. Has anyone commented on your custom patches ?

Audra Adkins: Are you kidding me?! We’ve had so many people make comments about them! Our most recent patch, the S3 patch, is the first time we did a 100% embroidery patch. The colors and details, even down to our thin-lined words… they are precise and beautiful. While the girls get credit for the creativity behind the designs, we love the quality that comes from having our custom patches created by TheStudio!

Patches by The/Studio: That’s so nice, thank you! What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Audra Adkins: Caramel Delights! To old-school Girl Scouts, that’s called a Samoa. Same cookie, different hat! Still the same delicious yumminess. My personal favorite is to blend them with vanilla ice cream and make milkshakes. All that caramelly-coconutty-chocolatey goodness… makes me want a milkshake now!

Audra Adkins: We love the professional quality that we get with our patches. I’ve given your website to so many other troop leaders, so that they too can let the creativity of the girls come to fruition on a beautiful patch. For events with 100+ girls, the price and the quality go hand in hand, too. We love the promos you offer subscribers and loyal customers as well! Thanks so much. 🙂

 Patches by The/Studio: Yummy, I can’t wait to order some girl scout cookies, I always look forward to that time of year!Thank you Audra and troop 477 for sharing your custom patch story with us and thank you for your business. We appreciate you so much!

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