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Custom Patch Interview With The Cathy Heller

 Custom Patch Interview with Cathy Heller

I want to introduce you to the gem of Patches by The/Studio , our administrative manager, Cathy Heller. She has the best customer service skills , our customers love her! She is truly an asset to Patches by The/Studio, she creates such a peaceful working environment and her hard work is to be admired.

I recently conducted a custom patch interview with her and I continue to be in awe of her work. Cathy is the person everyone wants on their team but too bad for everyone else because she is on our team!!!

Patches by The/Studio: Introduce yourself!

My name is Cathy Heller.  I have been working for Patches by The/Studio for 5 years in an administrative manager capacity.

Patches by The/Studio:How important is customer service?

Cathy Heller: Customer service is vital to the operation of any business. It is the vehicle to which our customer can communicate their expectation of us.  When excellent customer is provided customers are pleased with the end results and honoring our customers with excellent customer service builds trust and our reputation flourishes.

Patches by The/Studio: Do you think customer service and custom patches go hand and hand?

Cathy Heller: Absolutely!  Our customers come to us with a vision and our job is to be there to support and assist with that vision.  The only way to accomplish this goal is to be there 100% for our customers, listening, offering helpful suggestions, interfacing with our artist and our production team to achieve our customer’s vision.

Patches by The/Studio: What constitutes good customer service?

Cathy Heller: Good customer service involves being an active listener, being a participant in the conversation.  Making sure that the customer’s wishes are clearly understood, being available to answer questions, relaying pertinent information to our artist and production team for the success of the project.   It is very important to get to know the customer, making them feel comfortable and not rushed, but truly heard and understood.  Also, honesty is absolutely necessary in providing good customer service, being truthful at all times, even when there may be some disappointment that has to be conveyed to the customer.

Patches by The/Studio:What constitutes bad customer service?

Cathy Heller: Thinking back on times when I have received bad customer service from a company, these occasions are when I have felt that I am not being heard or my opinion does not matter.

Patches by The/Studio: What lessons have you learned from our patch customers regarding customer service?

Cathy Heller: What lessons I have learned is that when  a company’s customer service is attentive to the needs of the customer, when the attitude is positive and reassuring to the customer it will be interpreted by the customer that they will be heard, that they will be given respect and will be taken care of properly and professionally.

Patches by The/Studio: In what ways have you provided excellent customer service?

Cathy Heller: By doing my very best to accommodate the needs of our customers, taking the time to listen to the customer and quickly working toward a resolution when issues are presented to me by a customer.

Patches by The/Studio: How can Patches by The/Studio improve their customer service?

Cathy Heller: There is always room for improvement.  I would say communication is everything.  Constant communication and listening to the needs of our customers will always be foremost and can always be improved upon.

Patches by The/Studio: Do you have a favorite custom patch?

Cathy Heller: Yes, I love the Marilyn Monroe patch we did awhile back.  It truly is beautiful, our artist and production team collaborated so well to make this patch a classic.

Patches by The/Studio: If Patches by The/Studio could create a patch for anyone who would you want it to be for?

Cathy Heller: To each an every Nobel Peace Prize winner.  I think they have earned it for dreaming something so great.

Patches by The/Studio: Where do you see Patches by The/Studio in 5 years?

Cathy Heller: Growing, flourishing, becoming even more creative, a trend setter and continuing to listen to the needs and wants of our customers.

Thank you Cathy Heller for being apart of our custom patch interview! Would like to be featured in our next patch interview? Comment below!

Below is a picture of Cathy’s favorite patch, this is my favorite patch too!




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