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Custom Patch Interview With HMNIM


Hi my name is Jehan Loren and I am a Blink 182aholic. I have been listening to Blink 182 since my adolescent years. I remember getting into a huge argument with my mom because she wouldn’t let me go to their concert . She thought I was too young to see any group with a parental advisory sticker on their C.D. What’s my age again? was the theme song to my middle school years.  I had aspirations of growing up to look like the beautiful nurse on the Enema of the State C.D cover . Later I would find out that she had an “adult job”.

Recently we had the honor of creating custom patches for an amazing company called Hi My Name Is Mark. When I saw the sample of their patch. It was  love at first sight. I wanted to know the story behind these custom patches, so I decided to reach out to our customer to see if they would be interested in participating in our  interview series. I was so thrilled that they accepted my request for an interview. Little did I know that the custom patches were for a company that Mark Hoppus started.

Here is our interview:

The/Studio: Introduce yourselves!

Dylan Anderson: We are Hi My Name Is Mark or HMNIM for less key strokes. HMNIM was started by Mark Hoppus from the band Blink182 way , way back in 2012. We like to think of ourselves as a thinking company. As in, if we can think of something cool then we try and make that thing into a reality. We don’t want to be classified as any one thing, and that’s the best part about HMNIM is that you never know what we might come out with next.



Patches by The/Studio: What is the story behind this patch?

Dylan Anderson: Behind the patch? well, we are hoping it has some sort of adhesive! pow! we’ve still got it. We can’t not , not be not funny. The patch design is one of our favorite designs from this past year and lends itself perfectly to be a patch.

The/Studio: Where did you adhere the patches to?

Dylan Anderson: The patches final destination is all up to the buyer. Who are we to tell them where they can and can’t put one of our patches.

The/Studio: What does this patch represent to you?

Dylan Anderson: This patch, and all patches actually, represent the ability to turn something dull into something more awesome than before, breathing new life into an otherwise boring piece of crap.

The/Studio: Has anyone commented on your patches ?

Dylan Anderson: I’m sure they will, but these are the first patches we’ve done so the only comments we’ve heard are customers asking “when are you going to make patches?!”

The/Studio: How did you find out about us?

Dylan Anderson: Our good friend Chris Siglin over at TSurt turned us onto TheStudio as the “go to” company for patches.

Thank you HMNIM for sharing your custom patch story with us! And thank you Blink 182 for being the soundtrack to my adolescence!

Make sure to check out the awesomeness that is HMNIM , visit their website  Photo Credit: Brent Broza 







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