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Custom Patch Interview With Joel Angeles

Introducing Joel Angeles

Custom patches never seize to amaze me! Patches are so versatile and I have just the interview to prove it! I recently interviewed Joel Angeles, not only does he use custom emblems in a unique way but the message that he is spreading with his products is inspiring! Enjoy!

Patches by The/Studio: Introduce yourselves and your company?

Joel Angeles: Hello my name is Joel Angeles, I am the CEO and Founder of The Smart Finger Puppet. With the growing prevalence of touchscreen technology – smartphones, Kindles, iPads and the like, a growing number of schools are now allowing classrooms to use these hand-held devices as learning tools among young children and adults.

I created Angeles Enterprises to capitalize on this promising opportunity by inventing motivational learning toys to tap into the depths of these young minds to nurture their fullest potential. Our company provides young children the opportunity to utilize their touchscreen devices with Smart Finger Puppets that he had invented by rendering quality toys and integrating technology platforms .

Smart Finger Puppet ™ is a fun, interactive, and motivational learning tool that brings out the genius, right at children’s fingertip. They come to life as characters that portray different personalities or different subjects across all cultures. Learning to play with Smart Finger Puppets that work on all touchscreen devices is fun and can help young students build social skills, stimulate their imagination, and accelerate language development.

These educational toys can allow young children opportunities to play and be entertained on their own as they express their feelings by experimenting with different voices and characters.

Young students can also use the Smart Finger Puppets as a stylus to navigate through their touchscreen device, practice saying what they feel through the finger puppet, and release their emotions in a healthy way all at the same time Transmission of germs or diseases can also be prevented with Smart Finger Puppet. They prevent oils, grease, or dirt from bare hands or fingers from contaminating your touchscreen devices. They may be worn over any type of glove that can turn them into touchscreen gloves.

I currenlty have a ‘ Smart Finger Puppet ‘ campaign on Indiegogo right now.  Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates.

I believe children are our future. If enough of us get behind it, we can make ‘Smart Finger Puppet’ happen and save lives, one child at a time through education.  Our campaign has 28 days to go. Hope you support our campaign and share this link and flyer.  We greatly appreciate your support. This would not be possible without your help. Thank you.

Patches by The/Studio: What is the story behind this patch?

Joel Angeles: Meet our characters! We have initially created five characters of Smart Finger Puppets: (1) Albert Einstein – a scientist to  motivate young students to learn Science.

(2) Isaac Newton – a mathematician to encourage students to learn Mathematics.

(3) Hans Christian Andersen – a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales that inspire students about the importance of Reading.

(4) Pavlov’s dog- Pavlov’s dog is a classical conditioning experiment used by famous Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, to learn the concept of conditioned reflex when examining the rates of salivations among dogs. Pavlov had learned that when a bell was rung in subsequent time with food being presented to the dog in consecutive sequences, the dog will initially salivate when the food is presented. The dog will later come to associate the ringing of the bell with the presentation of the food and salivate upon the ringing of the bell. Young students can utilize this Smart Finger Puppet to explore the scientific study of function in living systems.

(5) Schrödinger’s cat – a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects, resulting in a contradiction with common sense.

Students can expand their imagination using this Smart Finger Puppet. This project will evolve and help kids learn about anything. We can create any type of puppet!

Patches by The/Studio:Where did you adhere the patches to?

Joel Angeles: I ordered 5 different custom patches from Patches by The/Studio. I ordered  Albert Einstein patches,  Issac Newton patches and Hans Christian Andersen patches. We used the patches for the face of the puppets. We also ordered Pavlov’s dog patches and Schrodinger’s cat patches but we haven’t used the cat and dog patches for the puppets yet.

Patches by The Studio: Is there a customer experience you are most proud of?

Joel Angeles: Working with The Boys and Girls club of Santa Barbara was an amazing experience. I was able to let the kids play with the Smart Finger Puppets and their response was wonderful! Now they want their own customized characters! They want to use it on their ipads and just to play with as puppets.

Patches by The/Studio: Which puppet is your favorite?

Joel Angeles:That’s a hard question!I love all of them, I love what they represent! I think  If I ever created one that looked like me that would be my favorite. My friend made a Jimi Hendrix puppet and they kinda of thought the puppet looked like me.

Patches by The/Studio:What are some of the greatest challenges you face in your business?

Joel Angeles: It was hard to get the materials. They come from different places. My number one concern is safety. I  wanted to make sure we used the safest material  because kids are using this product.

Patches by The/Studio: Where do you see Smart Finger Puppets in the next five years?

Joel Angeles: I would like to see Smart Finger Puppets being used by kids all over the the world. I want Smart Finger Puppets to motivate kids to stay in school and study whatever their passions are.

Patches by The/Studio: What does this custom patch represent to you?

Joel Angeles: The patches represent the puppets , without the face of these puppets we wouldn’t know who the charters are. Smart Finger Puppets expose kids to scientist , mathematicians , authors and musicians.. They allow kids to be exposed to geniuses at a young age and it gives them the tools to think about their possibilities. After all our kids are our future.

Thank you Joel for sharing your patch story with us. We believe in your vision and admire what you are doing for our youth.  To learn more about Smart Finger Puppets visit

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