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Custom Patch Interview With Our Wonderful Customer Dallas Thompson

September 12, 2015

Meet Dallas Thompson

Today’s custom patch interview features our wonderful customer , Dallas Thompson. I love the patch that we created for the SLATES. It’s colorful , fun and vibrant! This custom emblem caught my attention right away , I knew instantly that I wanted to know more about the embroidered patch and who would be wearing them. I hope you enjoy my interview with Dallas as much as I did , it’s short but sweet!

Custom Patch Interview with Dallas Thompson Patches by The/Studio:Introduce yourselves!Dallas Thompson: We are SLATES, a punk rock band from Canada. Patches by The/Studio: What is the story behind this patch? It’s for our fan club.Dallas Thompson:  We wanted something ridiculously awesome for the jean jackets of north America. Patches by The/Studio:Where did you adhere the custom patches to?Dallas Thompson:they better find their way onto some denim! Patches by The/Studio:What does this patch represent to you?Dallas Thompson:the great outdoors. Patches by The/Studio: Has anyone commented on your patches ?Dallas Thompson: the higher ups approve! Patches by The/Studio:How did you find out about us?Dallas Thompson:a friend of ours.  After conducting this interview , I looked up the music of The SLATES and I was so impressed! These guys are so talented. I am quite the music enthusiast so I am always looking for new bands to listen, I think I have a new favorite band! Check out their music at Soon they will be your favorite band too!


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