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Custom Patch Interview with Pam

Introducing Pam

The/Studio:  Introduce yourself. Tell our readers a little bit about who you are!

Pam: My name is Pam; I am 59 and living in Mandurah, just south of Perth Western Australia. I ride a 900 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic, and have been riding for about 10 years. I guess you could  say  bit of a  “mid-life crisis” brought me into motor bikes, and my husband soon joined me. We are part of the international Ulysses Motorcycle Group, which caters to people over 40, who want to get out and burn up the roads.

The/Studio: That’s very impressive! Sounds like a fun “mid-life crisis”! What is the Mandurah Motorcycle Charity Ride?

 Pam: The ride is to raise money, food hampers and gifts for less fortunate families in our local region. We have riders coming from over 200 km away to take part in the event, which is now in its 23rd year. On average we get 800 bikes attending, and we ride through the city of Mandurah with lots of spectators waving and cheering, and of course we wave back! The big red fat man is on the lead trike, driven by my husband. In the last 23 years we have raised over $300,000 in gifts, money and food. At the end of the event we have a band, music, food, stalls and kids entertainment to keep the spectators happy. We have an auction and raffle, with all goods donated by local businesses, and a Show & Shine for the riders.

The/Studio: Wow! That’s amazing! What a great cause! What have you learned since starting the Mandurah Motorcycle Charity Ride?

Pam: How generous people are. Even when times are tough and money is tight, people will put their hands in their pocket and donate.

The/Studio: What about the charity ride are you most proud of?

Pam: Our member put in over a thousand hours of their own time to get the show running smoothly. I think that’s something to be proud of!

The/Studio: That is something to be proud of! What is your favorite part of the Mandurah Motorcycle Charity Ride?

 Pam: 2 things – When I see all the riders and spectators around the stalls, bidding on auction items, getting their kid’s faces painted, then I am happy. 2nd thing – when it’s all over and I sigh a big sigh of relief!

The/Studio: We can only imagine how happy that must make you. What do you like most about riding?

Pam: Not falling off!

The/Studio: Hahaha…Where do you see the Mandurah Motorcycle Charity Ride in 10 years?

Pam: Very hard to say. The actual COST of the ride, with new laws about traffic management plans, and police restrictions, council fees etc. , means the ride costs around $8000 just to run. We get a lot of that donated, but it is still $8000 that we have to find each year, and it goes up every year. I personally think in 10 years time the ride will not be running due to never ending red tape.

The/Studio: I hope that does not happen. What you and your group does is amazing.  What is the story behind the custom patches that you had produced?

Pam: We started having patches in 2008, and had them made locally. However the cost of them was ridiculous, and often the manufacturer had left it to the last minute to make them so we were always rushing and panicking that they would not be ready in time. I love the Internet, so looked online for a better deal. That’s when I found The Studio! Their staff are fantastic, patient, and extremely welcoming. We had very little idea of what we wanted, but the art department persevered and came up with a great design for us. The quality is excellent, and so is the price. We had the patches within 18 days of final approval, and everyone is VERY happy with them!

It’s not hard to see why Pam is our customer of the week. She has given so much to her community and has a passion for charity and riding. Thank you Pam for being a loyal customer and sharing your story with us!


If you are interested in donating to Mandurah Motorcycle Charity Ride please check out their Facebook page





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