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Custom Patch Quality Control

Custom Patch Quality Control

At Hero Patches , we take great pride in our work. We are perfectionist and we are committed to making sure you receive the most perfect custom patches. Our patch process is meticulous , your custom embroidered patches go through several different inspections before they are shipped to you . We pay close attention to every detail , we make sure every patch is correctly embroidered and threaded properly . I am going to share with you the quality control that your patches must go through before you receive them.

Quality Control Step 1 : The custom patches arrive at our office in clear plastic wrapping.

Quality Control Step 2: The custom embroidered emblems are taken out of the plastic wrapping. We then began to count the custom emblems to make sure the correct amount that was ordered has been produced. At this time , every custom patch is checked thoroughly , this is the first quality control since arriving at the office.

Quality Control Step 3 : The custom emblems are compared to the sewn-out sample that the customer has previously approved. At this time we make sure all of the edges are smooth and properly cut. We also make sure there are no connected threads and every patch looks exactly the same.

Quality Control Step 4: We send the custom embroidered insignias to our shipping room. Before we package them , we go through each one again , double checking that the custom emblems have come out perfectly. If everything looks good , we place the custom patches into saran wrap.  We use a hair dryer to seal the custom patches into the bag ( odd , I know but it works so well. ) Then we place the custom patches into a shipping bag. The only thing left to do is put the Hero Patches sticker onto the bag.

At Hero Patches , we take the extra time and effort to do 4 quality control inspections before your custom patches are ship to you . We do one inspection while the patches are still at the factory and 3 inspections when they arrive at our office. We are dedicated to making sure your custom patches are perfect when you receive them !

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