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Custom Patch That Represents The City of Los Angeles

December 30, 2015

“We did this embroidered patch for the Ambulance and EMS company McCormick.  I especially like this patch because I’m from Los Angeles and it truly represents the city in one simple patch.  You have the surfing and beach culture represented in the patch, you have Hollywood represented, the mountings and even the iconic Forum stadium.

Another thing to note about the patch is the true skill of our digitizers.  In the text “WE GOT YOU COVERED” our digitizers did an excellent job of implementing the white run stitches around the red stitching.  Also look at the text inside the signs, and the “Forum” written inside of the building.  There is also amazing detail in the surfer and the sail boat..  This patch was also executed well because we use Tajima machines to embroider our patches.  Its important to note that when you need fine detail with embroidery, the digitizer and the machine must be perfect.  This is why we only use Tajima machines, and its the reason why our digitizing team is in house and we only hire digitizers that have at least 10,000 hours of experience.”

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