Custom Patch Terms and Definitions

August 5, 2015

There are so many technical terms used by the “custom patch world”, if you are new to this world, then WELCOME! When I first started working for Patches by The/Studio I was unfamiliar with “patch lingo”, all of my co-workers might as well have been speaking French because I had no clue what any of them were talking about but fast forward to a month later, I was able to speak the “patch language” fluently. I was fortunate to receive the best training about custom embroidered patches and now I know all there is to know about custom patches! I thought it would be helpful to define some of the terms often used when discussing custom patches, so please take notes, you will be given a patch quiz at the end of this patch lesson.

Custom Patch Terms and Definitions

Mock-up sample– a digital sample of what your embroidered emblem will look like.

Sewn-out sample- a sewn-out of what your custom embroidered patch will look like.

50% Embroidery Coverage– 50% or less of the custom patch surface area that will be covered in embroidery.

75% Embroidery Coverage- 75% or less of the custom patch surface area that will be covered in embroidery.

100% Embroidery Coverage- 100%  of the custom insignia’s patch surface area will be covered.

Merrowed Border– a 1/8″ border that overlocks the emblem edge, preventing fraying and gives your patch a clean finished look.

CAD Design- CAD stands for computer- aided design. CAD design gives instructions to our in house digitizers so they can create your custom embroidered emblem.

Embroidered Patch- is a piece of artwork created thru an embroidery machine using materials such as cotton twill and different color threads.  It conveys a theme, event or logo that commemorates the users’ message.

PMS Color- PMS stands for Pantone Matching System.

PVC Patch-  PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride

Velcro Hook or Loop backing – Velcro loop side which can either be sewn on or iron-on

Chenille patch- is a fabric made with fringed thread used as the weft in combination with wool or cotton.

Are you ready for your patch vocabulary quiz? Just joking there won’t be a quiz today……. I hope these terms and definitions will be helpful when ordering your custom embroidered insignia, next week I will introduce some more custom emblems to your vocabulary. Study these custom patch terms for now!