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Custom Patches For BMW & Tag Heuer

November 6, 2015

Recently a marketing company that works with Tag Heuer and BMW chose Patches by The/Studio as their vendor to produce patches for BMW and Tag Heuer for a golf tournament that both company’s were co-sponsoring.

At The/Studio we pride ourselves on being a design company that manufactures promotional products, fashion and other custom products for our customers.  Design is a key component of who we are and what we do.  We look up to BMW and Tag Heuer because they are celebrated in their respective industries for their award winning design. So obviously as a company we were thrilled when we heard that our samples were chosen by the marketing company that represents BMW and Tag Heuer to produce their custom patches. For the BMW custom patch it was just simply a black border, on black twill with the words BMW embroidered onto the twill and the iconic BMW logo in the middle.  The Tag Heuer pach was even simpler.  A simple crest made out of black and white embroidery, on white twill with the iconic Tag Heuer logo embroidered onto the patch. This was not a particularly big patch order, but definitely a patch order that everyone in the organization was proud to be a part of.

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