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Custom Patches + Patches by The/Studio= HAPPINESS!

Our customers are so important to us. Our main objective is to make them happy ,If they are  happy we are happy. We are constantly trying to figure out what our customers want and essentially what will make them happier with our products and customer service. We want to be our customer’s first and only choice when ordering custom patches. Recently , we made an important decision , one that will please our customers and maintain the enthusiasm of our wonderful team  . I would like to introduce you to our new shipping method and also discuss how this will greatly benefit you and more importantly make you a very happy customer!

With our previous shipping method, all orders had to be shipped from our warehouse in Shenzen to our office in Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles we would ship them out to the perspective patch owner. Because the custom patches had to ship to our office in Los Angeles there was a delay in our customers receiving their custom emblems. Another issue we faced with our old shipping method was USPS did not offer tracking numbers to us or our customers, this was problematic because we could not track the order. Therefore , the delays in our customer’s receiving their orders and not being able to track where their patch order was caused some unhappiness amongst our customers. You have to remember that 95% of patch companies are from Asia , we are different because the owner is American and a lot of our staff is American. And as I mentioned before we have an office in Los Angeles , so at the time this was the best shipping method available.

But with our need and want for our customers to be happy , we continued to search for better shipping solutions. We knew that this shipping method could no longer suffice and we knew our customers deserved and wanted better. It took several months to find the answer to our shipping blues but finally USPS announced their new international shipping arrangements. USPS would ship directly from Shenzen to our customers in the U.S.A and our customers from all over the world and they would include tracking numbers to every order. USPS answered our shipping prayers!

With our new shipping method , customers will receive their embroidered emblems sooner and with their very own tracking number. This changes everything! So customers turn your frown upside down , we have found they key to your patch happiness! We can’t wait to make you patch happy!




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