Custom Police Patches

February 21, 2013

We created these custom police patches for a police department from the city of Southern hospitality, Hartselle, Alabama. I was contacted by one of the civilian employees at the Hartselle police department, she wanted to order 38 custom police patches for the police department. I thought this was such a random number of patches to order but she explained to me that her police department only had 29 sworn officers and 9 civilian employees. I was shocked at how small their police department was, she then told me that the population of Hartselle Alabama was 14,000, she also told me that her town has a very low crime rate and is a great place to raise a family. She was such a great tour guide for town.

She said that she needed her custom police patches by the end of the month, she explained to me that if she liked our quality and our customer service that she would order all of her custom logo patches from us in the future. She sent me her design that she wished to have on her custom embroidered patches. We used 75% embroidery coverage on the custom police patches.

We received a call from our customer after she received her order, she was so pleased with her patches and the customer service we offered. She said we defiantly have her business. Thank you Hartselle Police Department for allowing me to be your embroidered patch hero!

custom police patches