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Custom Pride Pins and Patches Inspo

Here at The/Studio, we believe love wins not just during the month of June, but all year long. And custom pride pins and patches are a great way to show your customers you’re inclusive and accepting of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Whether you sell custom pride pins and patches to give your customers a chance to celebrate who they are and communicate their values to others or you distribute pride pins and patches company-wide to proudly display your business’s allyship.

Pins and patches are a small yet impactful way to celebrate pride. They’re eye-catching, easy to apply, and very low-cost for the punch they pack.

But you might be wondering – what sort of custom patches or pins could your company create for pride? Should you design a pride-ified version of your company logo? A simple rainbow design that could be worn all year long? A rainbow-colored patch to affix on a brightly colored hat? After all, the possibilities are endless!

Here at The/Studio, we’ve helped many companies create 100% custom pride-themed patches and pins over the years with our online DIY product creation tool. Here are a few of our favorite examples of custom pride pins and patches to help inspire you as you dream up your own!

Custom Pride Pins Inspo

Pride of WeWork Pin

This colorful pin takes a simple arrow design and adds a pride spin on it, with layered rainbow colors creating a 3D shadow effect. Its small size makes its bright colors stand out just enough.

pride custom pin


Gaysian Pride Pin

This custom soft enamel pin lets the cheeky text do all the talking, with a metallic gold finish and a bright pink color scheme.

gaysian custom pin


Oregon Pride Pin

This custom soft enamel pin combines state pride with LGBTQ+ pride, with a bright and chunky rainbow pattern and a shiny gold finish.

oregon rainbow pride custom pin


Rainbow Pride Pin

A dainty rainbow pin just about anyone would love to rep. We love its gold border and classic yet warm-hued rainbow colors. 

pride rainbow custom pin


Rainbow Sheep Pride Pin

Quirky yet understated, this cute pin features a matte silver finish and a vibrant rainbow pattern for people who aren’t the black sheep but rather the rainbow sheep.

rainbow sheep pride pin


Canada Pride Pin

This circular pin celebrates both Canada and LGBTQ+ pride in one. We love how the many border colors represent diverse identities and experiences.

pride canada custom pin


Custom Pride Patches Inspo

Walk with Pride Patch

This printed pride patch was designed by a Northern Michigan organization to express its vision of LGBTQ+ pride. We love how the white letters stand out against the black and rainbow background. 

walk with pride custom patch


Gay 4 Nature Patch

This custom embroidered pride patch makes a fun statement year-round. The pastel color scheme adds a stylish twist to the traditional rainbow design.

pride custom patch


Fluffy Rainbow Pride Patch

This custom chenille patch adds color and texture to any tee, jacket, bag, or hat. Its muted color palette gives it a more modern aesthetic.

rainbow chenille custom patch


How to Create Custom Pride Pins and Patches

No need to try your hand at metalworking or embroidering to create custom pride pins and patches! Here at The/Studio, we partner with top overseas factories to give small businesses like yours access to high-quality manufacturing at a fair price, with low minimum order quantities and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With our convenient online DIY product creation tool, you can create a custom pride pin or patch within minutes.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Choose your product

First, you’ll be prompted to choose which type of pride product you’d like to create, whether you’d like to make custom pride pins, custom pride patches, or something else like socks or hats. 


2. Choose your product type

Now, it’s time to choose what subtype of pride product you’ll make. 

If you’ve chosen to create a patch, you’ll choose between custom woven patches, custom embroidered patches, custom printed patches, custom bullion patches, custom chenille patches, custom leather patches, or custom PVC patches. Learn more about these different patch types here.

If you’ve chosen to create a pin, you’ll choose between custom enamel pins, custom 3D mold pins, custom die-struck pins, or custom offset printed pins. Learn more about these different pin types here.


3. Customize your product

Next up, start making your custom pride product your own!

If you’re creating a patch, you’ll have the freedom to customize colors, backing, materials, borders, and other add-ons.

If you’re creating a pin, you’ll have the freedom to customize colors, backing, metal types, finishes, and other add-ons.


4. Submit your product design

Whether you’re creating a pin or a patch, you’ll now have the chance to submit a PDF of whatever pride design you’ve dreamed up. 

If you already have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, that’s great – simply send over your design and our team will bring it to life! 

If you’re less certain of the design side of things, that’s okay, too. Our in-house team of expert designers can take your notes and turn them into a beautiful product. All design services are free!


5. Approve a prototype

Our designers and manufacturers will work together to create a prototype for your approval, which we’ll either photograph or send to you in the mail for your approval. 

If all looks good, we’ll move forward with production. If you see anything you’d like tweaked, simply respond with detailed feedback and we’ll revise accordingly until we get it right at no additional charge.


6. Receive your products

Once your product is finalized, you’ll enjoy free U.S. shipping on your entire order. Then, all that’s left is to style and distribute your products – whether you hand them out to all of your employees or you sell them in your online store!


It’s that simple! Ready to create custom pride pins or patches for your business? Start the process here.





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