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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

Custom Product Ideas for Fashion Brands

Elevate your fashion brand with the finest one-of-a-kind, custom products and merchandise available online. There’s no fashion without innovation!

Fashion is all about style, and how can your brand have style if you’re always following in the footsteps of everyone else? Custom products are a must-have for fashion brands. They allow you to expand beyond the confines of traditional merch and apparel, creating stamping out your own mark on the fashion space.

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Why are Custom Products Perfect for Fashion Brands? 

There are many reasons why custom products are an ideal choice for emerging fashion brands. For starters, custom merchandise is relatively affordable (when you make it at The/Studio, at least!), but it also gives you the potential for high markups (think of Supreme). 

You get true one-of-a-kind customization, high quality, and retail-ready packaging from The/Studio, so you don’t have to waste time, effort, and money packaging or prepping your merch yourself once it arrives. We also offer low (or no) minimum order quantity, so you can make as many or as few products as you want, which is ideal for an emerging brand with a small or tentative consumer base.

Perhaps most importantly, however, when you make custom products you can experiment with a variety of different designs and collections. You can make multiple product lines with slight variations in style, material, or design, and test which sells the best, all without wasting tons of cash on massive bulk orders (thanks to our low/zero MOQ policy).

Custom Product Ideas for Fashion Brands 

We’ve made thousands of custom products over the years, many of them for fashion brands, from boutique brick-and-mortar outfits to multi-million-dollar international brands. So we know a few things about what custom product ideas work best for fashion brands. Here are our top picks.

Custom patches 

Custom patches are a great choice since they’re both versatile and affordable. You can put custom patches on jean jackets, jeans, or backpacks, or you can package them separately and sell them by themselves. Tons of brands have had tremendous success adding custom patches to their clothing designs. 

Patches don’t just work for one style either. For a motorcycle fashion brand, punk rock outfitter, or rock & roll-themed retailer, leather patches are an awesome choice. Meanwhile, fuzzy chenille patches can

be all the rage for an American-themed or vintage/classic fashion brand. Glitzy bullion patches work well for high-end brands, and durable, waterproof PVC patches are a surefire choice for any outdoor-themed outfitter. The point is that your options are limitless with custom patches.

Create Custom Patches Now

Custom Pins

Custom pins are another great add-on to your fashion brand’s catalog. You can stick custom pins onto the lapel of a suit jacket or jean jacket, or put them on a backpack, and you can also sell them by themselves with accompanying packaging. Many brands have had great success creating lapel pins that are pop-culture-themed (i.e. Stranger Things pins, Doja Cat pins, and so on).

Create Custom Pins Now

Custom Hats 

Custom hats are another product that works with any fashion brand. Ball caps can sell well either at high-end or low-end price ranges, and are worn by all demographics, ages, races, and sexes. In particular, the markup potential is amazing—a simple hat can sell for $50 to $60 if the branding and design are appealing. With dozens of customization options at The/Studio, it’s easy to design a hat that stands out from the crowd.  

Create Custom Hats Now

Custom Beanies 

Custom beanies are hot items year-round, but especially during the fall and winter seasons. Again, beanies can be worn by anyone, from tiny babies to men, women, and even pets! Beanies are always a hot seller during the year’s busiest shopping season, since people love to gift beanies for Christmas, and the cold weather makes them a must-have item in most regions of the United States.

Create Custom Beanies Now

Custom Socks 

Like patches, custom socks work with any fashion brand. Everyone wears and needs socks, and you can get super creative and zany with sock designs because even business professionals can go off a bit with their socks (since they’re covered under their pant legs). Markup potential on custom socks is quite high, and since socks are an everyday item that folks will buy on a regular basis, you won’t have to worry about your product going out of style.

Create Custom Socks Now

Custom Hang Tags 

If you’re a fashion brand, you should always be adhering hang tags to your apparel. Hang tags are great to promote unique branding, but they also elevate your quality and visual appeal, while making apparel retail-ready for brick-and-mortar establishments. 

Create Custom Hang Tags Now

Custom Woven or Printed Labels

Like hang tags, woven or printed labels are a must for high-quality apparel, whether that’s t-shirts, hats, beanies, or something else. They’re an excellent way to boost your product’s look and showcase your brand’s unique aesthetic. Say goodbye to boring old white paper labels and make your own custom label—soon, your customers will come to know you by your label as much as anything else!

Create Custom Woven Labels Now

Create Custom Printed Labels Now

Custom Backer Cards 

Backer cards are a great choice if you’re selling small pieces of merchandise, like stickers, patches, pins, or socks on their own. A well-designed backer card makes the product stand out, and like tags or labels, backer cards tend to elevate your product’s visual appeal and get it ready for retail. They’re also a good spot to offer product care information, drop a short message to your customer, or showcase your brand’s style, aesthetic, or tone.

Create Custom Backer Cards Now

Custom Stickers 

Stickers are extremely popular in 2022, and they’re also super versatile. You can adhere stickers to anything, they cost almost nothing, they weigh almost nothing, and they take up little to no space. You can order a single sticker sheet with multiple different sticker designs (hence, high markup potential), or give away stickers to customers that reach a certain spending threshold. In short, they’re a great merch item to promote any fashion brand.

Create Custom Stickers Now

Custom Cufflinks 

Cufflinks are a surefire hit for high-end and luxury brands, not to mention any brand that is male or business-themed. Cufflinks offer great makeup potential, as well, and promote well during Father’s Day and wedding season.

Create Custom Cufflinks Now

Custom Tie Bars 

Customized tie bars are a stellar choice if your brand caters to the high-end or luxury market. They also sell well for business and work-themed fashion brands and, like many of the products on our list, they have tremendous markup potential. Like cufflinks, tie bars do especially well for male-themed fashion brands.

Create Custom Tie Bars Now




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