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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

Custom Product Ideas for Influencers

To succeed, influencers must stand out to their audience, and custom products are a great way to do that. Here are some of our favorite custom product ideas.

Being one-of-a-kind is crucial as an influencer. Every influencer, whether a fashion model, makeup artist, fitness professional, or gamer, has to stand out from the pack to succeed. Influencing is a profession that’s open to just about anyone with a following, and all you need to start are a few social media accounts. In a world that large, there are dozens upon dozens of copycats, and very few authentic, original content creators.So, how do you stand out to your followers? Enter custom products.

Why are Custom Products Perfect for Influencers?

Simply put, every influencer needs merchandise. Merch is becoming increasingly popular with influencers, because content creators are essentially the new “celebrities” of the digital age. Just look at TikTok stars like Dixie D’Amelio and Belle Delphine. Fans want merch from influencers just like they do from celebrities, and merchandise is an excellent way to promote your platform and social media channels.

Like we mentioned above, custom merchandise is particularly important, since it allows you to set yourself apart from the pack of other influencers in your niche. Custom merchandise rewards sellers with high markup, since followers are willing to pay big bucks for influencer merch, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself as a brand. 

As an influencer, your options for custom merch are limitless. You can design merch based on your personal image, your voice, or your niche and content itself. Here are some of our favorite custom products for influencers.

Custom Product Ideas for Influencers 

Custom Patches 

Patches are an affordable, versatile merch option for budding influencers, and we offer several types of patches at The/Studio, including leather patches, embroidered patches, PVC patches, chenille patches, bullion patches, woven patches, and printed patches. Patches can be stuck to apparel, beanies, backpacks, and hats, and are easily given out to followers. You can sell them by themselves on a backer card, or you can sell them already attached to a piece of merch, such as a t-shirt, hat, or beanie. Patches are one of the cheapest custom products you can make, so they’re great to use as giveaway items for competitions or promotions, too.

Create Custom Patches Now

Custom Lapel Pins 

Like patches, lapel pins can be put almost anywhere, including backpacks, shirts, and hats, and are easily stored and shipped, since they’re so compact and lightweight. You can sell them by themselves on a backer card, or you can sell them already stuck to a jacket or backpack, and they offer high markup potential, since you can do a limitless amount of designs and color schemes. Lapel pins make excellent giveaway merch, too.

Create Custom Lapel Pins Now

Custom Hats 

Hats are one of those timeless merch items that simply never go out of style. You can sell them year-round, and profit from extremely high markup potential (many custom hats go for $50-$60). As an influencer, adding at least one line of custom hats to your merch shop is a must-do.

Create Custom Hats Now

Custom Beanies 

Beanies may not be useful year-round like traditional hats, but they’re a must-have in colder winter months. Beanies are particularly useful for Black Friday (the biggest shopping event of the season!) because winter is fast approaching and many customers are looking for warmer headwear.

Create Custom Beanies Now

Custom Socks 

Comfortable, warm socks are a must-have for any influencer. Everyone wears socks, so no matter your fanbase you’ll be able to snag sales. Socks provide high markup potential if you craft them with a unique design. You can also add backer cards to get them retail-ready and give yourself space to promote your unique voice and style.

Create Custom Socks Now

Custom Backer Cards 

Backer cards are helpful for small products, like pins, patches, and stickers, elevating your merchandise’s appeal (and price), while also getting it ready for retail. Backer cards are a great spot to leave messaging, promote your influencer social media channels, or offer a discount or other promotion to entice your follower to come back for more! 

Create Custom Backer Cards Now

Custom Hang Tags 

Customized hang tags help boost your name recognition and awareness, and make your merchandise 100% retail-ready. Hang tags are also a good way to differentiate your influencer brand from the pack. For example, if you’re an outdoor influencer, you can make hang tags made from rugged Kraft paper or traditional uncoated paper (instead of TPU or glossy paper) for a rustic, vintage-inspired look.

Create Custom Hang Tags Now

Custom Woven Labels/Printed Labels  

Woven and printed labels are another way to promote name recognition and awareness, and to make your product ready for retail. However, they also give you the ability to communicate directly with your followers, leaving a message for them about how to take care of their merchandise and/or displaying your voice.

Create Custom Woven Labels Now

Create Custom Printed Labels Now

Custom Stickers 

Like pins and patches, stickers can be applied anywhere. The advantage of stickers is that they’re cheaper, lighter, and more compact, and you can stick them to a surface in seconds. Your followers can put their stickers on water bottles, laptops, helmets, journals, and car bumpers, to name just a few. Stickers are extremely popular in 2022, and since they’re so small and affordable, they’re the perfect giveaway product. The best thing about stickers, however, is that they’re basically a miniature advertisement for your brand!

Create Custom Stickers Now

Custom Masks 

We never know if mask mandates will be reinforced again (they might be this coming fall or winter!) so carrying a few custom masks in your merch store is a great way to get ahead of the curve. Like stickers, masks can promote your social channels and website, and are fairly affordable and compact, so they’re easy to buy in bulk, store, and ship to your followers. 

Create Custom Masks Now




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