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Custom Product Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Custom merch is ideal for outdoor lovers of all stripes. Here are the best custom product ideas for outdoor enthusiasts!

The outdoor industry is perhaps the most diverse and varied consumer market in existence, just like Mother Nature herself! That makes custom products a great way to appeal to the outdoor demographic. 

Outdoor enthusiasts love custom merchandise with vibrant, colorful designs, and better yet, functional performance. So, let’s dive into some incredible outdoor-friendly custom product ideas.

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Why are Custom Products Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts?

Custom products are ideal for a variety of uses in the outdoor world. They’re great for outdoor retail brands, and giveaways or promotions at marathons or other athletic competitions (triathlons, obstacle course challenges, etc). Particularly in team-based outdoor sports, designing a unique custom product is a great way to unify the team, whether it’s a cycling team, running team, climbing team, or something else. 

Custom products at The/Studio are also designed with industry-leading quality, ideal for withstanding harsh climates. With low minimum order quantities, you don’t need to purchase massive bulk orders, either. Make custom products just for yourself or for a small team…or a massive, international club or brand. The choice is yours. Below, we’ll cover a few of our favorite outdoor-related custom product ideas.

Custom Product Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

Custom PVC Patches 

PVC patches were made for the outdoors. These rubberized, waterproof patches are our most durable patch option, able to withstand wind, rain, snow, or any other rough weather. Patches are great for outdoor enthusiasts since you can stick them to hats, beanies, clothing, or backpacks. You can give these out to a race team, either before the season or post-event, as a commemorative piece.

Create Custom PVC Patches Now 

Custom Pins 

Like patches, pins can be placed almost anywhere, from backpacks to shirts to duffel bags. Outdoor-themed lapel pins are always a top-seller, just look at brands like REI! They sell pins at the counter in almost all their retail stores. Outdoor fashion brands, in particular, can enjoy high markups on custom lapel pins, since your design options are almost unlimited. 

Create Custom Pins Now

Custom Hats 

Hats are a must-have when out in the outdoors, whether you’re biking or climbing. Hats are functional and practical, since they keep the sun and sweat out of your eyes, but they’re also a great way to unify an outdoor team. Like pins, outdoor apparel brands can enjoy high markup potential with custom outdoor hats.

Create Custom Hats Now

Custom Beanies 

Like traditional hats, beanies are a crucial piece of outdoor gear, except instead of playing a role in sunny summer climes, beanies are a must-have in colder winter months. All the same appeal applies, since beanies can be used as unifying team apparel, and brands can gain a high markup with unique, vibrant designs.

Create Custom Beanies Now

Custom Socks 

Everyone wears socks, whether a 21-year-old rock climber or a 57-year-old mountain biker. Socks are a must-have for outdoor sports, particularly for aerobic activities like running and cycling. This makes them great giveaways for marathons and other events, but socks are also a universal product outside the outdoor sphere, so you can enjoy sale potential even outside your target demographic.

Create Custom Socks Now

Custom Hang Tags 

Customized hang tags help boost your brand recognition and awareness, and make your merchandise 100% retail-ready. Hang tags are also a good way to differentiate your brand from the pack. For example, you can choose hang tags made from rugged Kraft paper or traditional uncoated paper (instead of TPU or glossy paper) for a rustic, outdoors-inspired look.

Create Custom Hang Tags Now

Custom Woven Labels/Printed Labels  

Woven and printed labels are another way to promote brand recognition and awareness, and to make your product ready for retail. However, they also give you the ability to communicate directly with your customers, leaving a message for them about how to take care of their merchandise and/or displaying your brand’s unique voice and tone.

Create Custom Woven Labels Now

Create Custom Printed Labels Now

Custom Backer Cards 

Backer cards are helpful for small products, like pins, patches, and stickers, elevating your product’s appeal (and price), while also getting it ready for retail. Backer cards, like labels, are a great spot to leave brand messaging, promote social media channels, or offer a discount or other promotion to entice your customer to come back for more! 

Create Custom Backer Cards Now

Custom Stickers 

Like pins and patches, stickers can be stuck just about anywhere. The advantage of stickers is that they’re cheaper, lighter, and more compact, and you can adhere them to a surface in seconds. Outdoor enthusiasts love putting stickers on water bottles, coolers, helmets, and car bumpers, among other surfaces. Stickers are extremely popular in 2022, and like many of the other custom products on this list, they make a great commemorative product after a race, festival, or other competition or event.

Create Custom Stickers Now




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