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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

Custom Product Ideas To Add to Your Official Merchandise

With all the possible promotional items out there, you may find it difficult to choose one that suits your product line. Here are a few you might want to consider apart from the usual T-shirts and tumblers you see online:


These pieces created with a fabric backing and thread just innovative; They are the perfect merch idea for small businesses out there for these reasons: 

  • Patches are customizable.
  • Easy and convenient to transport
  • It doesn’t cost a fortune to make patches.
  • Inexpensive impulse-buy options for consumers. 

What’s more, patches come in various types – woven, embroidered, PVC, printed, bullion, chenille leather, and more. You can use any of the above for merch as long as the printed words or logo is clear. 

They can be used for your limited-edition apparel. Better yet, if you have a fan-inspired artwork, let it be an iron-on patch that will let the customers stick them to their favorite jacket. 


It’s the ideal official merchandise for your customers who wish to take home something that’s more practical than for display. 

They are comfortable, practical, and definitely something they can wear and even sport on when they go out. If your little brand logo shows, and the design is quite noticeable for people that they want a pair for themselves, that’s free marketing right there.

These are not limited to high-knee socks. There are also no-slip socks that are best for those yoga and Pilates sessions too.

Collectible Pins

Pretty sure you yourself have seen them as giveaways in some events before, and you shouldn’t miss on creating your own too. Make a set of them for selling or have your customers collect them for every order to avail a limited-time product.

Metal Keychain Touch Tools

Old school keychains are fine, but to make it more useful, have a metal keychain touch tool designed especially for your brand. A Keychain Touch Tool is a type of keychain that’s shaped specifically so you can use them to push buttons on elevators, and ATMs while you’re withdrawing cash, or when you open door handles and tap on store checkouts. You can do them all using this without directly touching the surfaces yourself. 

Whichever design you choose to work with, don’t make it too heavy because no one wants a heavyweight keychain. You can have one made upon ordering them here.


Custom stickers are one of the easiest product ideas to produce for your line of merchandise. There’s something about free stickers that compels you to use them like how your friend or colleague sticks them to their laptop or luggage.

So why use custom stickers? First, they are cheap, especially when you get them in bulk. Second, they stay put for a long time on any surface you stick them on. This means more people have a chance to see them. 

Face Masks 

A few months ago, no one would have thought of using a custom face mask for merch, but right now everyone is donning one for that added protection against the pandemic. Custom masks would make for a brilliant merch product, and chances are, it’ll sell off faster as well. 

Imprint an uplifting message, brand logo to take the boring out of face masks. Giving your mask a makeover will definitely attract buyers. 

There should be more untapped custom product ideas out there, but regardless of what you decide on, make it most relevant to your brand and more importantly, the customers who will be buying them.




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