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Custom Religious Biker Patches

Who said religion and bikers don’t mix? I think it’s so unfair that at times bikers have a negative reputation. Some people see bikers as outlaws , who don’t follow the law. I don’t know where this stereotype comes from , I can only speculate that maybe it’s their tough appearance. Maybe it’s the leather , the tattoos or maybe it’s just the daring bike that gives bikers such a bad reputation. I want to introduce you to the bikers I have come to know , they might look tough but they have a soft spot for their religion and are some of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

I am pleased to introduce you to the Bikers for Christ from Texas. They are an amazing biker group that has committed their lives to their religion but they also love motorcycles.They follow a code and conduct that is sacred because they follow the same laws as the church. This wonderful biker organization is nation wide and is growing internationally. The Bikers for Christ ride their motorcycles for great causes , they raise money and awareness for those in need.  They live and ride for Christ.

The first time we ever created a custom patch for Bikers for Christ was in 2009. They were having a “Biker Bash” and wanted to order some custom biker patches. We used 75%  embroidery coverage on the custom emblems and we used white and black threading onto a red , white and blue twill background. The custom insignia turned out perfectly! This wouldn’t be the last time we created custom embroidered patches for Bikers for Christ , good news travles fast and we began receiving calls from other chapters. I always look forward to assiting any member from Bikers for Christ because I know I will be met with kindness and warmth.

So please forget every misconception there is about bikers. Take it from me that they are some of the nicest people I have ever known. Please spread the word!
Bikers for Christ




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