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Custom Retail Stickers


Stickers are perhaps the biggest, most popular custom merch item on the market right now. Don’t miss the sticker craze!

We’ve talked about stickers a lot recently, but that’s not just because we like them. Stickers are #trending. They’re having a HUGE moment in 2022. We’ll get into exactly what makes custom retail stickers so special below, but the point is you don’t want to miss an opportunity to begin selling stickers in your brick-and-mortar or e-commerce store. There’s a lot of money to be made with stickers. Here’s why.

custom retail stickers

Custom Stickers Are PERFECT for Retail 

Custom stickers are the perfect retail item, whether you’re selling merch over the internet or from a physical store. They are inexpensive to make, but offer insane markup potential if you use an engaging, vibrant design. Even basic stickers (like Supreme) can be marked up extremely high if you market them properly.  

Stickers aren’t just cheap to make, though. They’re also extremely inexpensive to ship, and super easy to store, because they take up almost no space and way basically nothing. You can store thousands of stickers, each priced at $5, $7, or even $10, all in a single desk drawer! These facts also make custom stickers the perfect merch item to start with if you’re a small brand or start-up.

If you do a sticker sheet (with multiple stickers on one single sheet), you can also create various sticker designs all on a single sheet, offering a lot of variety and versatility to draw in your customers. If you choose to sell stickers individually, you can also give them out as freebies when your customers spend a certain amount or include them in other promotions or giveaways. 

Stickers are also walking advertisements. Whenever your stickers include your logo and store name, a customer with that sticker on their water bottle, helmet, or laptop immediately becomes a passive promotion source. Even if the sticker doesn’t mention your company at all and is simply a cool design, when other people ask the customer where they got that sticker (because the design is so awesome!) you’re getting FREE marketing.

How Do Big Brands Price Their Personalized Retail Stickers?

We have noticed so many major brands and retailers selling stickers (and we’ve helped some of them design their stickers ourselves!). You don’t want to be the only one not hopping on this trend. If you’re wondering exactly how much you can make off of stickers, here are a few price points. 

For example, Urban Outfitters sells a sticker pack of 8 stickers for $15. Tillys sells sticker packs of 6 stickers for $9.99. Supreme sells individual stickers for as much as $18!

When you look at those prices and consider that The/Studio lets you make 200 stickers from $0.58 each… Well, you should have an idea of just how lucrative the custom sticker game can be.

Take Your Stickers to the Next Level Today

There are many things you can do to take YOUR stickers to the next level, and ensure you’re able to hit those high markups like Urban Outfitters, Tillys, and Journeys. For one, make sure to add custom backer cards to your sticker pack to make your stickers retail-ready. Backer cards don’t just provide a place to add pricing and brand information, they will elevate the visual appeal (and value) of your stickers, so you can sell them for a higher price.

All in all, we hope we’ve convinced you why you need custom retail stickers. There’s simply no reason not to dive into the sticker game in 2022. Contact The/Studio today and work with one of our in-house designers and Creative Specialists to get your stickers ready to go!

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