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Take Your Sock Game to the Next Level with These Upgrades

If your next creative project with The/Studio is custom socks, get ready to have a blast making the exact vision you have in your head come to life. Our Create Tool includes tons of upgrades for your sock project, allowing you to feel like you’re customizing every single thread.

Before you start letting your creative juices flow on these feet warmers, you may want to review some of these awesome upgrades so you know how they can affect your custom socks. Once you’ve chosen the type of socks you want to use for your project, as well as the size, material, and thickness, you’ll have a wealth of upgrades available to you.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the upgrades you’ll find when using the Create Tool, plus the many ways these small changes can take your project to the next level.

Embroidery is a popular upgrade available from The/Studio.


You can easily print a design on your customized sock project, which will give it a unique look. However, if you want to add an extra custom element to your socks, think about an embroidery upgrade.

Adding an embroidered design on your socks will make your project feel even more valuable and unique. These designs are knitted into the socks, making them feel soft and comfortable, while still sporting a cool design created by you.

Screen printing can add a pop of color to your custom socks.

Screen Print

If you want your custom socks to be edgy, colorful and eye-catching, you may want to add a screen print design to your project.

With screen printing, a stencil is used to apply ink to the surface of the socks. This allows the colors on your design to pop. These vibrant hues will stand out and are sure to get noticed and complimented.

The terry cushioning upgrade from The/Studio adds a luxe touch to your custom socks.

Terry Cushioning

If you’re concerned about a wearer’s comfort level in addition to the cool design of your latest project, you might consider a terry cushioning upgrade. This is one of the best upgrades to choose because it elevates your socks to a higher value.

With this upgrade, extra padding is placed in the foot of the sock. This provides cushioning and comfort so the wearer can rock your design with cozy and happy feet.

For truly unique custom socks, try a custom cuff shape.




Custom Cuff Shape

If you want to think outside the box, how about a whole different sock cuff shape? You can add this upgrade to your custom socks if you want to step your style up a notch. You can truly get creative with this simple upgrade, like cat ears or a jagged cuff line.

If you thought colors and designs are the only way to stand out in the sock world, think again. Opting for an interesting and unique cuff shape with this upgrade can truly make your sock design one-of-a-kind.

Ready to take on your next custom socks project? The/Studio Create Tool can walk you through all the options available, including these exclusive upgrades. Start your custom design today and get expert design help and tons of options to take your project up a notch!




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