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3 Reasons Why Custom Socks Fit Athleisure Brands Perfectly

Hear that? If you listen closely, industry experts swear you can hear the ringing of the Death Knell for fast fashion. But if you’re in the beginning stages of getting your athleisure brand off the ground, you already knew that. In signature comfort and style, athleisure is leading the way in transforming retail – online sales included – into a lifestyle-oriented enterprise that is more operationally sustainable, functionally versatile, and nimble in its market appeal.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to grow your already-established athleisure brand, on-demand manufacturing gives you the access and control you need to reach ever more fragmented markets with the speed and quality today’s customers demand.

But what exactly should you be manufacturing on demand? We’re here to make the case for custom socks. Yes, this wardrobe staple is pretty much non-negotiable for an athleisure OOTD whether in the office or at the gym, but its value goes way beyond sheer functionality. Below, we’ll break down all the ways custom socks are the next big seller for your athleisure brand.

Why Custom Socks?

Socks are evergreen – and the market only continues to grow. Transparency Market Research claimed in 2016 that the global sock market is on track to reach $11.6 billion by 2023, with trends arching particularly toward luxury socks. But we’d bet you don’t need research to know that as viable products go, socks are here to stay. For the time being at least, everyone needs them – which means they’re a low-risk investment with a very favorable ROI. This is great news for both small or new businesses and big players alike.

Socks are the perfect lifestyle product. Whether you’re starting a new brand or testing new markets, you want to be able to market your product to build brand awareness or deepen brand loyalty. Custom socks slip perfectly into a well-curated Instagram photo, making them the ideal product for genuine, lifestyle-oriented social media marketing that will peak consumers’ interest without ambushing them with a sales pitch. Athleisure is all about lifestyle, and custom socks fit right into the equation, offering versatility, functionality, and style to a market that thrives on all three.

Socks are relatively easy and affordable to manufacture without overstocking. With low minimum order requirements and no warehousing burdens, on-demand manufacturing in particular gives you a fast, affordable way to create brand awareness right now – without paying an arm and a leg in upfront costs or diluting your brand with a bloated inventory. Even if you’re paying a little more for custom design, the high level of personalization that defines custom socks will likely draw increasingly niche markets hungry for unique products. Consumers value high-quality, well-curated products that cater to their values,* so what you invest in customization should translate to profits and customer loyalty.

With The/Studio’s on-demand clothing manufacturing service, you can start prototyping designs, testing markets, and building a presence for your brand faster and more affordably than ever. Get inspired by our custom socks options today.





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