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Custom Woven Patches

 Custom Woven Patches 

At Patches by The/Studio we offer a variety of different custom patch options. We realize that embroidery will not work for every design or concept , so we want our customers to have an alternative to embroidered patches. I would like to introduce you to our custom woven patches , they are an amazing choice for those designs that are intricate in detail .

I am looking forward to sharing with you the benefits of woven patches and other useful information about woven emblems  . After reading this blog , I am confident that you will have a new found respect for woven insignias.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing woven patches over embroidered patches is the detail you can capture with a woven patch machine . An embroidery machine is limited in the amount of detail it can include. If you have an elaborate image or a massive design a woven patch would be best suited for such grand imagery .

Embroidery is best used on not such complex concepts. We create your custom woven emblems using a woven patch machine , this machine stands two stories high. Each woven insignia machine cost around $250, 000 to $400, 000 dollars , they are the best machines in the business!

Our woven patches are made of only thread and are woven together , so the woven emblems have a smooth appearance and the texture of the custom patch is not raised , it is completely flat.  We also offer a plethora of special options you can choose from that will make any woven patch stand out. Choose from metallic threading , that will really make your custom emblem shine or a merrowed border , that will give your custom patch a finished look.

Below is an example of a custom woven patch we created for one of our customers. This particular patch is only 2.5 inches in width. Our customer originally wanted embroidery for this design. We explained to them that embroidery wouldn’t do this patch any justice , we recommended a woven label patch. The patch turned out beautiful!

The custom woven patches we create are truly a visual masterpiece , they are woven together with care and patience . Our creative specialist are knowledgeable in every patch option we offer , they can evaluate which option you should use based on your design. Let Patches by The/Studio be your one and only custom patch company , we have a great option for any design.

custom woven patches with different flags




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