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Customer That Required An Exact Pantone Color Match

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Patches by The/Studio is our ability to match virtually any Pantone color.  The patch pictured here is from the Copper Mountain College Security Officer department.  They had very specific requirements for matching their organizations pantone colors and their previous vendor was not able to match the color.

Patches by The/Studio has access to literally over 10,000 different thread colors and over 1,000 different twill colors, so we are positive that we can match any Pantone color that is required to ensure our customer’s with consistent branding.  On our website you can find some of the thread colors and twill colors that we offer  This is only a percentage of the thread colors and twill colors that we can offer our customers when producing their custom patches.  We are able to truly pride ourselves on true customization because of the number of colors that we are able to offer our customers.   Let us know the Pantone color that you need to match, and even if you don’t have the Pantone color available, we can do a free Pantone color matching for you.  Our designers are specifically trained in helping customers to choose the right threads to replicate your exact branding colors.




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