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Customer Testimonials for The/Studio

Customer Testimonials


by Jehan Loren


A Good Company Vs. An Excellent Company

You can’t have a successful company without customers, which goes without saying, but what truly sets a good company apart from an excellent company, are enthusiastic customers. Let me explain, if you have a “good” company you have satisfied customers, if you have an excellent company, you have enthusiastic customers.

I have to admit, I never noticed the difference between a good company and an excellent company until I started working for The/Studio. As the Community Manager for The/Studio, I have the pleasure of speaking with customers after they receive their order and have gone through the entire ordering processes.

The email I send to our customers is an automated email that I wrote myself:


My name is Jehan Loren and I am responsible for The/Studio’s community, blog, content and social media.

First of all I hope that you received your order and everything is absolutely perfect with your order. If there were any problems, or areas that you think we can improve, please let me know and I will forward your concern to the proper manager in the company.

At The/Studio we believe that each company or organization has a story to tell and if we can we would like to help you by sharing your story to our community.

I’d love the opportunity to hear more about your story. If you are interested please let me know and I will send you some questions to learn more about your story, and how it relates to the custom product you ordered. Based on the answers to your questions we will look for opportunities to promote your company or organization to our community of over 200,000 members.

This could be in the form of choosing you as the customer of the week, wherein we will profile you and your organization to our email list of over 200,000 members. We may choose to write a blog about you, which will help out with SEO and get more viewers to your site. We may also post information about your organization on our Facebook page.

We want to make sure our customer’s are successful and we hope that this small gesture helps.

I look forward to your reply and hopefully interviewing you!

The purpose of this email is to see if the customer would like to participate in our Customer of the Week blog and newsletter series and more importantly to find out how their ordering experience went and what they think about the product they received.

I consider myself the last line of defense. I am the last employee that will have contact with the customer. I am the last opportunity to make things right with customer, if they have had a negative experience or if there are issues with their order. And I am also, the last voice that is heard thanking our customers for their business.

It is when these emails are exchanged, that I truly see the difference between a good company and an extraordinary company. It’s amazing the excitement that can be felt through an email. Typed words can sometimes express more sentiment than spoken words.

I would like to share with you some of our Customer Testimonials that we received through my communication with our customers:

“From initial contact the experience of dealing with The Studio is incredible. All the people involved in bringing my requested product to life are both knowledgeable and very helpful. At every stage my input and their guidance were constant. The time frame in unbelievable short concise and appreciated. Kudos to a most amazing company providing such a high level of service. Thank you so much.”

– Rick

“I was amazed by the quality of the product they delivered. They promised 2 things: that they would bring my design to life with the quality I sought and that they would deliver in time and they did both with an amazing focus on me as a customer and making my experience great. I was really happy to do business with them.”

– Alejandro

“The patch for my event turned out incredible, everyone ‘swoons & drools’ over them and wants to purchase them immediately. Your fine customer service, listening, and then delivering on queue per my request was just outstanding.
You made it happen, in meeting my date originally over other vendors, and honestly, I have no reason to go anywhere else for patches.
The quality is fantastic, the detail just wonderful, and the delivery on time, is impeccable.”

– Anastacia

“This company is very dedicated to consistent communications, strives for excellence, and had my order completed in about 1.5 weeks. Everything about the company and their service is very top notch. I will definitely work with them again when a need arises!”

– Philip

“Simply put, I will make my next purchase from The/Studio.”

– Mike

“Hands down the best customer service, excellent response times and fantastic end product.”

– Jeremy

“The customer service with the studio was great and they followed through with all my requests without hesitation. The cost was very fair and arrived on time. They also contacted me later and featured my company as their business of the week. Great company. Thank You! “


I believe our customers are what makes The/Studio an exceptional company. Their passion and enthusiasm for our custom products is what sets The/Studio apart from our competitors. They are our advocates and by far the most important aspects of our company.




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