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Customer Value by Emmy

I recently switched my home satellite service from one company to another, after being a loyal customer to the first company for 17 years.  The process taught me an important lesson in customer value, not customer service-customer value.  Over the last 17 years I’d received hundreds of marketing materials from the first company in the mail advertising specials and free offers for new customers.  First of all, it would make sense to remove current customers from these mailings, but I guess that would require some planning.  Secondly, what about the current customer?  What about the customer who has stuck with you for 17 years, where’s the discount for them, where’s their deal?

Anyway, I called the first company to cancel my service while the other company was installing my new service, and of course they asked why I was cancelling.  I told them the truth:  I am getting a better deal from another company, more channels, free equipment, free installation and for half the cost of what I am currently paying for your service.  The representative on the other end of the line was able to offer me a very similar package at a comparable rate, but at that point, I was no longer interested.  I told her I had called customer service many times over the years trying to save money, asking them for suggestions on how I can reduce my bill and never once did they offer me any kind of deal or solution.  The minute I try to cancel my account is when they start paying attention.  I did not feel like my business was of value to them for the 17 years I was with them, and only felt like they cared the minute they were losing my business.  I didn’t like that feeling as a customer at all.

This is one of the many areas where The Studio differs from other companies in this industry; we value our current customers and want to show them that, every step of the way, not just at the beginning.  We are not going to wait until our customer is fed up before we start paying attention.  We are not going to just try to get your business, we want to keep your business and hopefully grow our business right along side yours.






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