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Customers are Always Right by Vicky

When I first started working in the field of customer service, I did not believe in this principle of “customers are always right”. Simply because, it’s in our human nature to cry, whine and complain until we get what we want – even if we know perfectly well we are wrong and we do not deserve it.

Back then, I did not believe in it’s principle, as we spoil the customer and eventually loose money. A lot of customers would demand for a refund, ask for replacements, worse, they would ask for more than what the company could afford. I just believe in the simple principle of “fight for what is right”. No arguments – give what was due – nothing complicated – end of story.

Not until I got the complete grasp and understanding of what true “customer service” meant. I’ve managed to fully understand why customers are always right – even if they are wrong – when I got the chance to learn and work in the industry of custom products. This was the only industry that I’ve experienced working with the most difficult customers that have ever existed – From unreasonable customers to demanding ones that has the perception you work for them 24hrs 7 days in a week. Not responding to them nor giving them any feedback will just aggravate them more, thus, the more difficult it is to get your job done.

It’s that simple. It’s also quite a challenge to have a customer pay for a custom product – when they do not see nor have any idea what the final product will look like – that’s when I’ve figured out, why I should believe in the old age saying “customers are always right.” When you keep your customers happy , they keep coming back to you. They will also refer a lot of new customers. It was just a simple equation , Happy customers = more sales.




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