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Death Riders Motorcycle Back Patch

August 5, 2014

We love doing back patches because it truly allows for the true beauty of embroidery to come out.  95% of the patches that we do are under 4 inches.  However, when you have 10 inches or more to work with on an embroidered patch, you can get so much of the detail and it looks so much more beautiful than screen print, heat transfer or any other embellishment method.  Embroidery is the true convergence of modern art mixed with the ancient art of embroidery.

This is a simple 12 inch patch that we did for an MC called the Death Riders.  The patch features black, silver, white, and orange embroidery.  We are also proud of the clean custom cuts that we manufactured into the patch to detail the face and the flames.  Look at the flawless detail in the lettering, the eyes, and the teeth.  We truly love doing large back Motorcycle Club Patches.

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