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Designing Custom Award Pins

Honor your employees’ dedication and years of service with custom award pins stamped with their employment duration and emblazoned with your company’s emblem. 

Award pins are a thoughtful and budget-friendly way to show that you value your staff, but these pins aren’t only limited to years of service recognition. Give out custom lapel pins to employees with leadership skills and the most completed projects.

You can also acknowledge and award volunteers. Why? These wonderful men and women devote valuable time, resources, and talent to support non-profit organizations. So why not celebrate and recognize their good deeds through special award pins.

Besides, these pins will certainly be a keepsake and something that will be cherished for days and years to come.

Ready to design high-quality pins that your recipient will treasure? In this article, we’ll walk you through the tips for designing quality award pins. Let’s get started, shall we?

Split Your Orders

If you want to separate the milestones of different staff members or volunteers, you can split some design details to create visual diversity.

Within a single order, you can spotlight different milestones such as those who met specific goals or who spent the longest hours working during an event.

For instance, you can have a few pins emblazoned with “team player” to appreciate excellent team members or “50” to honor top volunteers who contributed 50 hours of their time to your event. By splitting your orders, you can plate 30 pins in polished silver and stamp them with the text “team player” or number “50″.

Use Brand Graphics

No doubt, most customized pins feature the company’s logo, name, and existing design assets. However, using brand graphics in award pins creates a unique difference in color or texture. 

Also, adding graphics that resonate with your team acknowledges their efforts and treats them as contributing members of your organization.

Choose the Right Pin Type

Your preferred pin type can affect the design and texture after production. For instance, you can’t create gradients of color on some pin designs. And this limit how you feature a particular design or logo

You certainly want the pins to reflect your team’s hard work, right? Silkscreen pins are perfect for recreating branding symbols or logos. It is also one of the available pin types that allow for color gradients and lets a design reach the whole edge without raised metal lines.

Cloisonne pins give off a smooth finish. They look invaluable and professional, making it perfect for employee recognition. Die struck pins, on the other hand, are stamped in metal and left in their original plating color, giving it a medallion look.

Use Presentation Cases

Presentation cases are a unique way to present award pins. Aside from storing and showcasing the pins, a customized case improves your award pin’s intrinsic value. These cases also make your pins great promotional items since the recipient will likely keep them in an open area for people to see.

There you have it! If you want to show appreciation or recognize people who have gone above and beyond, The/Studio has got you covered.

We are ready to assist you at every step of the production process, from offering full-color art samples to improving a design until it is perfect. We are committed to making sure that your award pins laud the dedication of your employees or volunteers.




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