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Designs that Work Best for Soft Enamel Pins

Custom enamel pins have become one of the best-growing global trends, and almost everyone is looking for ways to jump on the bandwagon. And why not? These metal pins are easily customizable and can feature any design. 

There are designs for environmental activists, music lovers, shoppers, health workers, artists; you name it. As a result, enamel pin makers have begun to build successful businesses by turning their unique ideas into these colorful pins.

However, designing a pin involves a lot more than just etching a design on paper. You need to consider the material because the look, texture, and design of a pin solely depend on the type of material used to produce it. For instance, some designs look better on soft enamel than they do on hard enamel and vice versa. You can read more about the difference between soft and hard enamels here.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the designs that work best on soft enamel pins to help you match your unique ideas with the right type of material. 

But first, what are soft enamel pins? 

Soft enamel pins are the most common pin types because they are mass-produced easily. They are affordable and have a straightforward production process. 

The main advantage of this soft enamel pin process is the ability to dye the base metal in any color with a textured finish. It also has a dimensional appearance, which draws many business owners and pin lovers to it.

What kind of designs can you do with soft enamel pins?

They can actually work on a wide variety of designs, but when it comes down to each feature, colorful and detailed designs look best on soft enamel. 

hard vs soft enamel pins

Colorful Designs

Of all the different types of materials used to make custom pins, soft enamel die can be used for any range of colors. From a bright rainbow to black dyes and antique finishes, soft enamel carries colors better. 

It is used for colorful designs because the production method is much simpler and straightforward. Soft enamel dies are painted into the repressed ridges and then baked. Hard enamel has a more complex production method that limits the shade of colorful designs. 

Detailed Designs 

Soft enamel is perfect for designs that have various lines or details. This is due to the ridges or textures formed when the design is imprinted on the pin. The lines and details easily stand out in relief, unlike other types of pins with a smooth finish. 

So whenever you want to order a pin, consider your design. Does it have bright colors? Does it come with a lot of detailed design? If it does, consider using a soft enamel material.

On the other hand, if you’re an enamel pin artist seeking higher margins in your store, choose the soft enamel process. Sports trading and business logo pins are also regular users of this process.

If you want to see sample designs, you can browse through the different types of pins here. We can also help you pick out the perfect and the best-looking pin material for your design. Just give us a call.




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