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Did you know that Studio Patches also makes custom embroidered caps?

Most of our customers only know that Studio Patches only produces embroidered patches.  However, our company has multiple divisions that produce other customized products and services.  In addition to Studio Patches we also operate Studio Digitizing, Studio Vector Art, Studio Woven Labels, Studio Caps, Studio Lanyards and Studio Sourcing.

The cap pictured here is a custom cap that we did through our Studio Caps brand.  For all of our brands we use the same strategy that made Studio Patches so successful.  We offer a high quality product with an extreme level of customization at a reasonable price.

We did this particular cap for a group called the “Afrikan Village”, which is a group that celebrates African American culture.  They were looking for a cap that would truly embrace their colors of black, yellow, red and green.  Our artists came up with a custom design for the customer which featured a large embroidery on the front of the cap that includes the groups seal with the text “Afrikan Village” “One God, One Goal, One People”.  To further accentuate the logo the bill of the cap is done in black with a yellow sandwich and red and green embroidery.

The method of adding embroidery to the bill of a cap is extremely complicated and very few cap companies can offer this level of customization.  The reason that we are able to offer this level of customization is because we make our caps from scratch.  Almost all other custom cap providers take pre manufactured caps and sew your design onto the cap.  Because the cap is pre manufactured there are numerous restrictions for how large the embroidery can be and where the embroidery can go.  For example on a pre manufactured cap the size of the logo can only be 3.5 inches in height and you absolutely cannot do embroidery on the bill.  However, because we make the caps from scratch we embroider on the material before it becomes a cap.  We first embroider onto the material and after we complete this process we then sew the cap together.  This creates a situation where we can literally add embroidery or printing to any part of the cap, so the customer can truly have a one of a kind custom cap.




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