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The Difference Between Paintball and Airsoft

For those of you that are looking for a new sport or hobby , you should consider joining a airsoft team or a paintball team. Both of these sports are filled with fun and adrenaline. I am going to introduce you to both of these exciting hobbies , although there are similarities between the two , there are a lot of differences. I am also going to show you some examples of custom airsoft patches and custom paintball patches we have created for our amazing customers. Custom patches are incredibly important to both sports and if you are going to join a paintball or airsoft team you have to be prepared to order your very own custom emblem.

The biggest difference between airsoft and paintball are the guns that are used , paintball guns shoot paint. When the paintballs break , a colorful mark gets left on clothes. Airsoft guns shoot plastic BB’S and look more realistic. Another difference is that airsoft stimulates military strategies and tactics. When deciding on which sport to take up , think of which one you will have more fun doing!

When creating your custom airsoft embroidered patch or your custom paintball embroidered patch , there are several options that are popular with both hobbies. Camouflage material is commonly used on airsoft and paintball insignias , we offer several camouflage variations. Velcro backing is popular among airsoft and paintball teams. This patch has both hook and loop sides which you can either sewn on or iron onto any uniform or apparel. This backing will be cut to the exact shape and dimension of your embroidered emblem. We offer many other special options and material that will look amazing on your custom emblem, you can be as creative as you want with your embroidered patches.

The first custom airsoft insignia you see below was created for an airsoft team called Delta , we created a awesome black and white patch for them. We added a black merrrowed border to the custom embroidered patch and we used 75% embroidery coverage. This patch is a perfect example of how simple but cool a custom airsoft patch can be.

The second patch you see below was also created for an airsoft team , this design is more intricate than the previous patch. We used red and silver threading on a black twill background. The dragon appears to be holding an airsoft gun , we used 75% embroidery coverage on this custom patch. Our production team did a wonderful job capturing the details of the design.

The third insignia you see below was created for a paintball team. The design for this custom embroidered patch is amazing , it features a pit bull wearing an eye patch. This is a great example of a unique custom paintball insignia.

The fourth emblem you see below was also created for a paintball team , this is an extraordinary patch. Look at the detail of the bear , the bear looks 3D. This is embroidery at it’s finest!

So whether you decide to join a airsoft team or a paintball team , let Patches by The/Studio create your custom patch. We have years of experience in producing both types of custom emblems. We want to welcome you to whichever sport you decide with a one of a kind customized patch!




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