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The Difference Between Custom Made and eCommerce by Omar

September 15, 2014

There is a fundamental difference when marketing custom made product vs being a pure play eCommerce company that just sells off the shelf. If you’re Amazon or Build or Banana Republic. People come to your site and know what they’re getting. Often times they would have tried the clothing in store or played with the electronics at a brick and mortar store.

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Clients know what they’re getting and the element of surprise is fairly low. The ordering process is also much faster. If I as a customer go to a store. Check out the TV or the computer I am thinking of buying and decide to buy it on Amazon. I know exactly what I will be getting. The chances of me being disappointed are slim to none.

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In the case of a custom product the process is much longer. The customer comes to the site and has to let the vendor know what he wants. Often times as is the case with The/Studio. The customer does not even know what his custom patch will look like. He may have an idea, or a drawing but the margin of error from drawing to reality is actually very large.

As a company we have to make sure to understand that to minimize rates of returns, and also improve customer satisfaction as well as delivery time. We have been working with larger and larger clients lately and over the next couple of months we will be using a mix of greater technology as well as human checks to ensure that things do happen in a smoother way for all our customers.

These will include the ability to review/comment/approve and pay for an order 100% online as well as being able to request managerial involvement with the click of a button.

– Omar

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